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Conspired by the former moon princess, Kaguya Houraisan, the people of the Moon invades Gensoukyo to take over their lands and all of their harvesting operations of golden rice so that they can export them without contaminating the moon of its "over-fertile, vegetation tainting filth",

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Two days before the Kappas' advance, the rabbits of Eientei made good use of the golden rice plants scattered across Gensoukyo. They crushed them into glutenous rice balls as usual. "Oh! It's texture, it's flavor, and it's glittering sheen are much better than the ones I had since my golden days!", Kaguya praised. "Yes, they do surpass that of the Moon could ever make. But it doesn't cover the fact that they contaminate the soils, leaving all of the other plants discolored and their precious toxins removed...", Eirin Yagokoro replied with a sigh of disappointment.

Then, a rabbit in a pink dress barged into their conversation and told then that she saw a giant green bottle-nosed object being built at the base of Youkai Mountain by the Kappas. Both Eirin and Kaguya immediately knew that she meant a space shuttle. "There were tons of that stuff being stuffed in there!", the rabbit went on. Suddenly, Kaguya asked, "Say, wouldn't it be nice if we could share these to the people of the moon?". A rabbit unique from the others objected, "Master, they are a pure society and they won't let any foreign material come into the Moon! Not even from here!". "Exactly.", Eirin replied, "And do you know why the Kappas are loading tons of these rice into the ship for? Have you forgotten the properties of the rice, Reisen?". Only then the rabbit realized the situation. "Oh ho, this is such a perfect opportunity to restore my reputation to its former glory while living here!", Kaguya proceeded, "If we can sabotage the ship before it launches, we can use one of its scraps as evidence, make peace with the Moon with our new snacks, and convince them into forming an alliance with us, we could help them take over Gensoukyo and once that's done, I can buy it from them with my treasures, then I'll have Gensoukyo all to myself while they can take the rice here without concerns. Everybody wins!". "Every...body...?" Reisen thought to herself as everyone else cheered on the princess.

Kaguya, Eirin, Reisen and the rabbits head towards the launch site overnight.

Teams and their unique abilities:
-Eientei: The rabbits of the Earth are fast and are the cheapest unit the faction has. Though not very well armored and their attacks being only moderate, they are good for scouting especially when they can fly.

-Lunar Capital: The rabbits of the Moon are powerful infantry units led by Yorihime Watatsuki of the defense corps that are equipped with their version of muskets that deal significant amount of damage on other infantry and even on lightly armored vehicles. They also carry bayonets to take care of any melee unit they encounter.

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Ehh... Since when does Kaguya want to go back to the moon? Or take over Gensokyo for that mattet? This is just extremely OOC. I'm glad you re-wrote that.

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