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Led by both Nitori Kawashiro and Kanako Yasaka, they fight for control of the golden rice plants for the sake of future technological revolutions.

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Teams and their unique abilities:

- Kappa:
Inspired by a curse goddess flying by in a rotational movement, Nitori built the Hina-891 Yakugami; an AH-64 Apache variation that can fire missiles effective against tanks and even buildings but they are most vulnerable against anti-air weapons, needs to reload their weapons after every attack, and if their helipad is destroyed, they get off track trying to find it and will eventually run out of fuel.

- Moriya Shrine:
In honor of the mountain goddess, the Kappas have invented Onbashira Tanks that can pulverize even the thick armors of a Mammoth tank with its thick and long twin wooden barrels but they are laughable against infantries and buildings.

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