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The story of how the Kappas and Moriya Shrine got involved in the war. Warning: Be prepared for a long read!

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After three full days without resting, Nitori Kawashiro, a Kappa, finally made a successful analysis on the contents of the golden rice that were spreading across Gensoukyo. Out of the components found in the rice, Nitori discovered metals and compounds suitable in conducting what both the Kappas and the mountain goddess of Moriya, Kanako Yasaka, most desired, a new energy source capable of sparking a technological revolution. However, only 1/1024 of the entire grain contained such substances

Nitori went to the mountain goddess to report her findings. Kanako was pleased to hear that there is a possible source of energy to bring enlightment to Gensoukyo but at the same time, she had a serious look on her face. She ordered Nitori to spread the message of “The new age of technology” coming to Gensoukyo and gather the mountain youkais in front of Moriya Shrine to announce her findings.

That night, only the Tengus and the Kappas appeared in front of the shrine. Apparently, the other youkais were either not interested to hear such a preposterous thing or couldn’t make it for some reason. As planned, Nitori reveals to everyone her greatest discovery and the possible benefits in utilizing this. However, as Nitori was about to wrap things up with a conclusion, Kanako intervened.

“Yes, well, discovering this new source of energy is a good thing, but how about attempting to get a hold of even a single grain of it?” Kanako spoke out, leaving the crowd babbled. “Sure, these plants are everywhere, but there are quickly taken away by the inhabitants of this land than any one of us can imagine. All of you would think you’re all in good terms with the Humans and they would happily share the crops with you. Is it really true? With these plants being of high value due to these grains containing one-quarter of gold inside; not to mention they are so extremely delicious that they are highly addictive, I doubt the humans, not even other inhabitants of this land, would share even morsel of grain for our cause. I bet they would even drive their hoes or claws into your brain for taking even one grain of rice” Most of the crowd was shocked. “T-this can’t be true!” Nitori exclaimed. “Sadly, it is. Humans have been known to be highly selfish and greedy in nature, especially when they’re surrounded with something of high value such as these plants. If we are to proceed with our technological advance, we must not allow anyone to interfere with us.” Strong chatters rose among the crowd as they can’t believe what they’re hearing. “This is the only way. If we are to truly befriend the Humans, we are to do this by force. We must fight for the things we want. We must fight for what is right for us. And most of all, we must fight for the sake of technological revolutions! Now, who’s willing to join our cause in the name of science?” The entire crowd roared with great pride. They were willing to fight not just for science, but for the goddess they worshipped.

“Before we conclude with the announcement, I’d like request one thing from the Kappa who found this magnificent discovery.” Nitori’s face turned rosy. “E-eh, me?” “As the Messiah of Technology, will you guide us towards attaining our ultimate goal?” Hessisant at first, but she finally replied: “yes… Yes, I will guide everyone to our foreseeable future!” Everyone welcomed their new leader with an a round of applause. “And thus concludes our announcement. We will meet at the base of Youkai Mountain by the falls to plan our first attack. Dismissed.”

After everyone left the shrine, a small figure with an eccentric hat that had eyeballs appeared before Kanako. This was the true goddess of Moriya Shrine, Suwako Moriya. “Well, well, nice speech you had there! You’ve managed to form an army within a day, just like the Kanako I used to know! But grabbing all of those shiny rice in Gensoukyo isn’t your real goal is it? Knowing you, it’s to gather the faith of the people outside the mountain by force, right?” “Like we have any more choices left. Remind yourself that we will be on the brink of extinction if we cannot accumulate more faith from everyone in this world.” “Yeah, yeah… Well, if you need me, I’ll be sleeping in a burrow as I watch our shrine turn into a pile of debris.” “W-what’s that’s supposed to mean?! H-hey!” Suwako then left the shr- “Oh and by the way, Lord Tenma told me to tell you that he is suspicious of your plans and won’t allow any of the Tengus to join our assaults. But they’ll happily guard the mountain while you’re gone! Kero, Kero, Kero!” Suwako then left the shrine, out of Kanako’s view. “I wish you had told me that sooner… (And don’t play around with the fourth wall!)” Kanako and the Kappas carry out their operations as planned the next day.

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