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Here's a brief overview for the Soviet Union, the communist superpower who have been defeated twice by their capitalist rival and are not planning on getting defeated a third time.

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The Soviet Union is an alliance of communist states lead by the USSR. Previously, the Soviets were just the USSR, then ruled by Joesph Stalin. As there was no such obstacle standing in his way of spreading communism due to Professor Einstein's altering of history, Stalin launched a full-scale invasion on Europe, igniting GWWI. He and his regime were eventually defeated by the Allied Forces. Years after GWWI, the USA became known as a world superpower and helped the weak Soviet Union appoint a new leader. So came Alex Romanov, a member of the aristocratic Romanov family, who became the new Soviet leader and ally to the Allied Nations. Not for long though...

Romanov suddenly called in a full-scale invasion on the US despite being a supposed ally. The US tried to retaliate using nukes but failed. GWWII soon escalated. Again, the Soviets were defeated. Most of their forces have been destroyed, their economy weakened and Romanov mysteriously murdered. This left the Soviet Union in shambles but there are a patriotic few who are unwilling to give in to defeat. Calling themselves "Romanov's Rebels", they waged war with the Allies through indirect means. They were still unsuccessful. However, when war broke out between the Allies and the Empire of The Rising Sun, they took the chance to cause unrest in the now Allied-controlled Soviet territories in a bid to cause a revolt. They succeeded. Now, the Soviet Union, under the leadership of an unnamed general, have arisen once again, their desire for power and vengeance fueling the might of The Red Army.

+ Highly durable vehicles
+ Strong firepower
+ Excellent power production with Nuclear Reactor


- Slow vehicles
- Some units are extremely volatile and can heavily damage friendlies when destroyed

Red Dawn: Grants nuclear-based weapons and Cluster Nuke airstrikes when researched.
Iron Fist: Grants Iron Curtain-based weapons and Armor Strengthen when researched.
Shock Therapy: Grants advanced Tesla weapons and Electric Surge when researched.

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