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A faction created by Remilia Scarlet, Vampire and Mistress of the Scarlet Devil Mansion, in her attempts to gather the strongest across Gensokyo and bring them together so she can horde all the Golden Rice for herself.

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Scarlet Devil Mansion:
The day that the Golden Rice started appearing in the gardens of the Scarlet Devil Mansion was the day that fate's sunny and bright glares began to shine down on the inhabitants. Sakuya Izayoi, head maid of the Mansion, found the Golden Rice in her gardens one day, and after discovering how edible it tasted, she decided to cook it into a porridge for Remilia. Remilia ate the porridge, commenting on how exquisite it tasted, better than usual. While she was on her usual strolls outside, she had completely forgotten to bring her parasol. Odder further was that her skin wasn't burning like it normally did upon going outside.

When Remilia went to Patchouli Knowledge, Librarian of the Mansion and Remilia's' close personal friend, to get an explanation as to why her skin didn't burn, she was informed that her skin apparently received a large deal of nutrients she normally couldn't get because they came from the sun. When Patchouli asked Remilia if she did anything weird today, all she replied with was "Sakuya made me some lunch out of that Golden Rice that's been appearing in the gardens". Patchhouli sent one of her Library Assistants, Koakuma, to retrieve a sample of the rice. When the rice was examined, it was discovered they contained numerous substances that, in the case of remilia, nullified her weaknesses to the Sun that a regular Vampire would have. Patchouli assumed the results were only temporary, though, and in order to remain in a perpetual state of being able to go outside without complications, she'd have to consume the rice - or products made with the rice - on a daily basis. To test this, Patchouli told Remilia to hold off on eating any more of the Rice products for a week.

The effects were indeed temporary, as a week later the sun started to burn her skin again. Later that night, after gorging herself on a huge meal made from the Golden Rice, she devised a plan to acquire all the Rice in Gensokyo for herself, allowing her to go outside without getting burned forever. Remilia tasked Patchouli to start devising technology to harvest the rice en masse, and told Sakuya to round up all the Fairy Maids. They were going to collect all the Rice they could and stop anyone who got in their way.

Their harvesting operations went uninterrupted for the first few weeks, and then the Kappa began their attack. The Scarlet Devil Mansion was completely overwhelmed by the armies coming down from the Mountains. With their forces in disarray, they pulled back most operations to the mansion and awaited Remilia's instruction. It was only a few weeks later before they received contact from one of the harvesting operations near the Underground...

The Underground is the largest collection of exiles and outcasts in the entirety of Gensokyo. The Oni went into recluse there after they got fed up with the Humans, the Satori Race was driven underground due to their talents, all sorts of things lingered there. None of them were inherently evil, just really hated by a lot of the above grounders. But they took refuge within themselves, and formed a great Capital City under the surface dwellers. They had no aspirations to declare war on the youkai and humans above, they just wanted to remain in peace - and peace they were left in.

When the Golden Rice appeared, however, that very peace was shattered. Small legions of Kappa began arriving from the surface to scout the area. The Underground inhabitants had no clue why they were there, and the Kappa were gone as fast as they came. Then came the day where they were invaded by vast armies of them.

They weren't prepared, they had no army. The underground was literally in shambles trying to defend against them with all they had, but it wouldn't be enough. Parsee's Bridge had been taken, and the Kappa were slowly advancing into the Ancient City, and creeping close to the Palace of the Earth Spirits. It literally seemed like all was lost - but salvation arrived in the form of the Devil herself. The Scarlet Devil Mansion army had appeared in the underground, and managed to push back the Kappas and drive them out of the Underground.

The Ancient Devil's Coalition
When Remilia saw how hard the Underground was working to drive back the Kappa, and how long they stood out, Remilia decided she could use the Underground's inhabitants to her advantage. She sent out Patchouli as a sign of "Good Faith" to broker an alliance between their two groups. By the Oni, Patchouli was directed to the Palace of the Earth Spirits to discuss any real "political" business.

Upon arriving at the Mansion, Patchouli met with the Palace's caretaker, Satori Komeiji, a Satori. Before Patchouli even got a chance to speak - not that she was going to, she's heard enough about the Satori to know what they could do - Satori answered her questions "So, your Mistress has sent you here to use the inhabitants of our society for her own personal gain, and. in return she promises to guarantee protection for us from any invaders." Satori mulled over the topic for a bit, while Patchouli waited in silence for an answer. Satori eventually agreed to form an alliance with the Scarlet Devil Mansion, mostly because she was grateful for their aid in protecting her home and the Underground (Even though they both knew why Remilia saved them).

With their forces combined, and after going through several name suggestions (mostly Remilia's suggestions), Patchouli finally settled on a name which reflected their alliance perfectly - the Ancient Devil's Coalition. It fit perfectly, given what they had in their growing army. And so another group was ready to enter the War of the Rice.

The Ancient Devil's Coalition was formed a few weeks after the start of the War of the Rice. Their leader Remilia Scarlet, uses the group to obtain all the Golden Rice for her own benefits. Their army is all about being large, heavy, defended, and bizarre at times. Their Elemental Tanks, designed by Patchouli, are a threat to any unit on the Land or in the Air, and the fact that it can traverse waters makes it even more of a threat; the imposing Mammoth Tank, recreated from old textbooks found within the the Library called the "Soviet Blueprint Manuals", is their strongest tank in the arsenal with enough firepower to rip anything apart; Their Armored Troop Carrier, while it isn't exactly the best out there, what it lacks in heavy firepower it makes up for in armor. guaranteed to get the infantry inside to their destination quickly and efficiently; The Halberdiers are the pride of the ADC's Infantry Force. They are fairies equipped with lances that are designed to dish out heavy punishment, and take even more of it. The ADC is full of many other interesting things, such as Multi-Form Towers, and Hell Ravens, and even some reports of genetically engineered crocodiles.

The Commanding Hero Units of the Ancient Devil's Coalition are:

  • Remilia Scarlet, a unit who is capable of ripping apart infantry with her fangs and tearing tanks apart from the inside.
  • Sakuya Izayoi, a unit with the ability to teleport across long distances, and deal out leat damage with her swarm of knives.
  • Patchouli Knowledge (Campaign Only), Preferring to stay away from the battlefield, when she does enter though she uses her vast knowledge of magic to attack targets on both ground and sky.
  • Hong Meiling, with her capable fists and feet, she strikes at critical weak points to inflict lethal hits, which leave her foes stunned or down
  • Satori Komeiji, We aren't really sure what she can do actually. Some reports say she has the ability to turn enemy animals to her side, other reports say she can mind link with any unit and see what they see.
  • Utsuho Reiuji, if you want Lightly Irradiated Infantry, Utsuho is your gal. She launches Miniature Suns at her foes to melt them to smithereens, and if she plants her control rod in the ground, she can irradiate the area around her, making it hazardous for any infantry or tank walking across it.

The Ancient Devil's Coalition is composed of two sub-factions, the Scarlet Devil Mansion, and Chireiden, the Palace of Earth Spirits. Each faction comes with their own unique benefits and disadvantages.

  • Scarlet Devil Mansion: Meiling stands up tall and proud defending the gates to the Mansion, ensuring that nothing is able to get past her fists. However, it's best to keep her defended against ranged targets. Using Remilia's Gungnir Spear and a combination of Patchouli and Sakuya's Spatial Alteration magic, they have managed to create a weapon which will impact the target within a small area, but do critical damage to anything it hits, if not destroy it outright. Sakuya's contribution to the army is the teleportation of units across the battlefield via her World to surprise other armies.
  • Chireiden: Replacing the Scarlet Devil Attack Dogs, these specially trained War Bears can do what the Dogs can do twice fold and more, however they are much slower than the Mansion-trained Dogs. From the Underground themselves emerge Hell Ravens, equipped with Flamethrowers, to burn anything they see to a crisp. From inside her Palace, Satori can use her Third Eye to spy on the Entire Map and see what enemies are planning. The Nuclear Reactor had an area attached to it, one where Utsuho planned to create a weapon which could utilize her abilities on an even larger scale. Combining this weapon with her spell card, Abyss Nova, she would be launched at a target like a high velocity cannon, and then impact and cause assured devastation, with the added effect of radiating an area heavily for a few good moments.

While the Ancient Devil's Coalition is very strong, there are some strong disadvantages to their army. Most of their armor is all heavy, leaving no way for cheap, lighter vehicles. Their Air Force is also extremely limited. Despite this, though, they still have some of the strongest defensive capabilities in the game, and mixed with their interesting tech tree, makes them formidable opponents on the battlefield.

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