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This article will be updated as more question are asked and answered. Keep referring back every so often just in case you aren't aware of something!

The... 'Silly' questions:

What is the 'Vaygr Expansion' Mod?
- The 'Vaygr Expansion' Mod for Homeworld 2 aims to tell the main antagonist's side of the story through a new singleplayer campaign with full voice acting, dialogue, and cinematics - As well as the missions themselves.

Will you have custom cinematics?
- Yes.

Will you have custom voice acting?
- Yes.

Will you be changing how the game is played - Such as is done in The Dark Times Mod, Complex, or similar mods?
- No. We are going to stay true to the vanilla Homeworld 2 game.

Will you be adding any new research or production to the Vaygr?
- Short Answer: No.
- Long Answer: In a very minor way, I would elaborate, but I can't think of a way to do so without spoiling anything. Just know that the Vaygr will play exactly the same and that their playstyle and gameplay will not be any different.

The sensible questions:

Don't you feel like you're stepping on the toes of The Dark Times Mod?
- No, not at all, here's a conversation we had over ModDB's messaging service.

Hey there,
I'm from a mod team which has just applied for a mod to be added called "Vaygr Expansion". Like yours, we aim to tell the story of Makaan and the Vaygr from their side of the conflict, but we don't want to be in competition with you. We would actually like to work with you - And you with us.
Unlike your mod, and please don't take this the wrong way, we aim to stay true to the vanilla game without adding any kind of new gameplay mechanics. altering any of the original ships, or modifying any existing assets in a serious way. We want our mod to play like the original game. We have a full script which details dialogue, objectives, the cinematics, cutscenes, and when certain production and research will become available - As well as several voice actors who will voice some of the many characters in the campaign. (We're not going to be modifying the multiplayer in any way.)

I suppose the point of this message would be to ask that you don't consider use as a mod team that is leeching off of your success or is trying to go in direct competition with you. We just have our own story that we would like to tell. I would suppose that it's also a question as to whether or not our teams could work together in the future.

Thanks for reading,
Douglas 'Forloftol' Bacon, Project Lead

Hi! I've checked out your mod, your team is strong! And since you guys already have a complete scenario, that makes you much more capable of making a campaign than me. I'm really looking forward to your story and the way you tell it. And there's never a compitition on MODDB, I'm willing to help at any time with my two missions of campaign-scripting experience. :)


Interesting.. Lets see what you can do.

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