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Exterminatus Alpha 7.33 features new specialist weapons, a flamer and plasmagun. Added ammo shrines to enable to marines to trade rewards for ammo.

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This is a round up of all the changes since the Exterminatus Beta 7.25 that was released before Christmas 2012.


  • New Flamer wargear for the weapons Specialist class (alternate wargear to the meltagun), model by Farseer and Stahlhagel, animation, coding and textures by ChromeAngel, effects by The VMan
  • New Plasmagun wargear for the weapons Specialist class (alternate wargear to the meltagun) , models by Konstantin Georgeevich, animation, coding and textures by ChromeAngel, effects by The VMan
  • Powerup the plasmagun
    by holding the attack key, maximum charge is reached after 2 seconds.
    The longer you hold the more damage it does.
  • Ammo Shrine map
    entity, marines USE to spend reward points on extra ammo. Model by
    Stahlhagel, textures, animation and coding by ChromeAngel.
  • New ex_obj_ console variables for tweaking the size and visibility of the HUD objective icons
  • Many new particle effects by The VMan
  • Switched Powerfist view model to use TheVman's powerfield FX (needs tuning)
  • Added VMan's powerfield FX to the Powersowrd view model.
  • Added a "lit" skin to Farseer's lamp post prop at Dark Marine's request.


  • Nerfed Stealers by increasing the time between leaps
  • Buffed the Assault Marine by reducing his cost from 75 points to 50
  • Improved knife range and damage and added console variables for tuning them.
  • Nerfed Fex armor to make it vulnerable to flames in the same way as melta weapons.
  • Nerfed venom cannon rate of fire and area of effect.
  • Halved the time it takes to switch to the missile launcher and enabled loading up to 3 missiles.


  • New tracer and impact effects for Bolt weapons by The VMan
  • New Venom Cannon impact by The VMan
  • New Warp Blast effect by The VMan
  • Performance tweaks for the Venom Cannon and Carnifex models
  • Updated Ichar IV (Loxn's original) to use new wall lamps and include 2 ammo shrines.
  • Made thumbnail preview images for all 101 EX props, this should make it much easier for mappers to find the right prop for the job.
  • Changed the blue hulk style door skin to have a gunmetal coloured frame rather than bronze and added a whole new skin with bronze colouring (to match the wall panel set).
  • Changed the stormbolter to work from player main ammo, to work with Ammo Shrines
  • Tweaked how Carnifex armor handles flame and melta weapons.
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