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Exterminatus Alpha 7.10 features a new player class the Assault Marine and is a round up of all the alpha updates from the 7.0 beta version. 7.10 also features new versions of the maps Tarsis Ultra and Ichar IV, two new Tyranid weapons and many other improvements.

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  • New tier 1 Assault marine (AM) class, with Bolt Pistol and Chainsword combo and grenades.
  • New jump pack sound effect by alfabusa.
  • New jump pack particle effect by The VMan.
  • New version of Loxn's Ichar IV map, rebuilt from scratch by team mapper Nqss.
  • New "Psychic Healing" alternative "wargear" for the tyranid Zoanthrope class.
  • New Venom Cannon (VC) combo alternative "wargear" for the tyranid Carnifex class (assets require more work).
  • Added the "Leap" ability to the tyranid Lictor class. Sprint+Jump to activate.
  • New map entity ex_team_filter to enable mappers to filter various trigger entities based on which EX team the activator belongs to (now including ex_capture_objective). I plan to phase out the previous ex_filter_team and ex_filter_one_team entities by the release of the next beta. New FGD included in the patch, so mappers can update their maps.
  • Class menu is always shown when the player dies, all classes are displayed. Classes that cannot be afforded are grayed out. (combined with a choice of tier 1 human classes I'm hoping this will answer the FAQ "How do I change class?")


  • Moved ex_capture_objective team filtering capabilities to the new ex_team_filter entity. This may well break several existing maps.
  • Added a second light to capture objectives to show how close to capture it is.
  • Added a hint to Hold the USE key to capture enemy objectives target IDs.
  • Added a hint to breakable enemy objectives target IDs.
  • Added a hint to "Defend" allied objectives Target IDs.
  • Fixed horizontal scrolling on menu items with more that 6 items. Use cursor keys to scroll or click on end buttons,
  • Restored the global time limit feature from HL2DM and defaulted it to 26 minutes. ( This prevents client crashes occurring when a server has been idle for long time)
  • Show the scoreboard and notify players when the round times out.
  • New biovore crosshair.
  • Update Boltgun view model.
  • Nqss has improved the performance and appearance of his map ex_tarsis_ultra.
  • Equip the Apothecary class with the Assault combo (BP+CS) instead of separate Bolt Pistol and Chainsword weapons.
  • Converted the Narcathium healing aura and regeneration of Meds into an Apothecary ability, so it works with other weapons.
  • New Warp Bolt particle effect.


  • Buffed the damage Deathspitter do from 25 to 27.
  • Nerfed Tactical marines by removing their Bolt Pistols.
  • Buffed Tactical marines by giving them a 3rd spare clip of Boltgun ammo.
  • Buffed Apothecaries by giving them a 3rd spare clip of Bolt Pistol ammo.
  • Nerfed all Missile damage by 20%.
  • Buffed Carnifex armor against high damage.
  • Buffed Chainsword damage form 50 to 60 per hit.
  • Nerfed Apothecary health from 200 to 150.

Assault Marine
The new AM is a tier 1 class, available alongside the tactical marine from the start of the round. The assault marine's signature weapon is a combination of chainsword and boltpistol, primary attack is the pistol, secondary attack is the chainsword. With this combo equipped AM can perform a long jump by pressing Sprint and Jump at the same time. The Jump feature has a 4 second cooldown (same as the Genestealer's leap) this is indicated ion the bottom right in the same place as the Fire Mode indicator.

Psychic Healing
This is the "easy way" for me to give the tyranids healing without going for something like regeneration, which would change the tyranid gameplay. The primary attack in this new "wargear" is the same as the regular thrope, so he can still attack and defend himself, the secondary fire mode (warp blast) has been replaced with a healing aura around the thrope, which uses the same amount of energy and damage as the primary attack. It's not very fluff friendly to give the selfless Tyranid swarm a mdeic, but it's something that felt missing from the tyranid gameplay, I hope the rule lawyers will forgive me.

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