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EXODUS is advertised as two "large" maps.... but just how big are they really? Here, I do a couple of quick comparisons to give players some perspective.

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So, just how BIG are the maps in EXODUS? Well, check out these comparisons and see for yourself! 👇



Most would agree they are indeed big maps, but what do you think?


But how big is it compared to Foursite and Doom One or Bury my heart knee deep?

Just know that the bigger the map is, the more problematic it will be to run on certain mods that people might like.

Best of luck!

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ChrisMoyer Author

The later 2 I don't have information on off hand, but EXODUS MAP02 has about half the sector count of Foursite. MAP01 is about 1/2 to 2/3 of it's size in terms of area (Just eyeballing, hard to say exactly).

Absolutely! And I had to be especially careful since I am pushing these maps as Coop compatible. Huge maps (particularly with very open design which amplify the draw distance) can quickly border unplayable in an online session.

Thanks for your comment sir :)

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