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This feature lets you know how we plan to implement eras into the aftermath.

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As you know aftermath spans all the era's or star trek, however this is more expanded and huge then ever before, instead of your standard ENT, TOS, TNG we have expanded them to include MUCH more.
Our list goes as following:


This era needs little explaining as it states itself. the era of the NX-01

Romulan Wars

This era is in between ENT and TOS, we called it romulan wars because in this time frame those wars started, this era also features our takes on the "trek XI" ships.

The Original Series

Again it states itself, the era you all know of kirk and spock.

The Motion Picture

This era is the movie era of star trek, the era of the consitution refit and the excelsior class.

The Lost Era

This era is the missing gap between the movies and TNG. This era fills the blank pages, this is the time of the enterprise B and C the time of exploration and events like the khitomer massacre.

The Next Generation

This era states itself, but its also diferent at times Voyager and Deep space 9 have been excluded from this era as it plays a few years after. In this mod this is all encorporated in TNG, so here you will also find Voyager, The Defiant and a fierce Dominion battleship.

I hope you all injoy this

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