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Torchlight Enhanced Edition Listado parcial de todos los cambios y añadidos

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Partial list of all changes and additions:

Player characters have been added up to a total of 8 archetypes:

Warrior archetype: Destroyer and Valkyrie.
Shooter archetype: Vanquisher and Executioner.
Mage archetype: Alchemist and Enchanter.
Mage/warrior archetype: Vindicator and Cryptic.

The Valkyrie, the Executioner and the Enchanter are gender-shifted versions of the Destroyer, the Vanquisher and the Alchemist.

The Vindicator and the Cryptic are playable versions of the Zealot monsters from the game.

Almost all the textures of the game have been changed for higher resolution textures and a shader filter with ambient occlusion among other things. In the city there are 3 extra trunks to store objects and a good number of extra vendors. The selling prices of the items have been changed for a little more generous. Now potions and scrolls are stored in the spells tab to leave more space for items. Instead of the city portal scroll now is a portal stone of unlimited use. There is more variety of potions, in addition to the basic ones, have been added: rejuvenate, regenerate and reborn ........

I'm forgetting a thousand things that I will add as I remember and tweaking possible bugs.

Suggestions are welcome and I hope you let me know of any bug you find.

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