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Quake 2 evolution is a grapichal updated engine and all of it´s features are listed here.

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• Completely new particle rendering and handling system.
• The old system is still working (enable it via cl_oldParticles "1", "0" is for new)

File System

• Hash table/link-list hybrid file lookup optimization
• Completely internally managed memory system with integrity checking
• Media precaching, optimized load times on internally/commonly used images, models, and
sounds using pointers
• Supports up to 9 character long file extensions
• .pack support, which is basically just a renamed zip file
• Pak loading, loads pak0-9.pak first, then all other pak files after if fs_defaultPaks is 0


• Console mwheel up support fix
• Enchanted dynamic lights
• Item bobing
• Water splash sounds
• Fps, ping and time counter


• OpenGL Only!


• Integrated renderer into EXE
• Removed ref_gl and ref_soft projects

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