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This is main ENCYCLOPEDIA page for Paradigm Worlds. It will guide you through diverse and alive world that will come after ours.

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This is ENCYCLOPEDIA covering story of the Paradigm Worlds.


7th October of 2052 it became clear to the whole world, that great Russian scientists become pioneers in viro-transplantology, a high-end, military grade science, based on implantation specially designed viruses to human body to extend length of human life. This year Generalissimus Vladimir Putin celebrated its 100th birthday. Healthier and more vital as ever.

Exactly 120 days later USA-NAD MICROAPPLE STATES* issued an ultimatum note to Mr Putin's RUSBIELSAN demanding sharing knowledge of bioviral technology with the rest of the world. Next events are just a history...

10 day later USA-NAD launched 'pre-emptive' bio-viral strike.

Brutality of a single viral attack triggered almost instant annihilation of more than 2 billions people. Within 24 hours.

The shock in death rate when gunpowder increased significantly efficiency in killing enemy was indeed nothing compared to new ultimate weapon. Virus - ideal weapon - killing human beings, but leaving infrastructure intact. An ultimate choice and absolute efficiency.

Paradigm historians will call this event as '14-day war'. Or just 'the Third'.

Countries one after another started to disperse different versions of their own bioweapons. Within 3 days world population was lower than 250 millions. Biological mutations, several sophisticated diseases, viral infections waged new war between themselves.

Consequences unpredictable on that scale - viral mutations stated to spread very quickly. For the first time on that scale war also had its place on world wide web. Now, upgraded with several military bio-servers, infections did spread by artificial neural AI servers.

A week later humanity nearly vanished to less than 5 millions.

The Thirteenth Day, last safe harbor of humanity, London, has fallen.

Until next day no intelligent life survived to write next part of our story.

Sentient life ceased to exist and was about to appear no sooner than in 40th century.

War, bio-science and viral mutations changed world's biology forever. All life on Earth - almost gone. What was left, was primordial soup of bacterias and viruses fighting for survival or evolution.

First post-apocalyptic sentient life - a primitive fungoidal humanoid - appeared around year 4020-30.

Some elements of an old civilizations' architecture and technology survived past time and new humanoids had great base for a new beginning. Around 42th century most advanced viral organisms abandoned primordial soup liquid to set up new life on land.

Virals needed less than 250 years to evolve to most primitive humanoid form, and in 4407 AD established first known tribal society gathered around state-city Ashahan.

First contact of fungoidal humanoids and virals is dated twenty years later, in 4427. Viral entities, stronger in terms of biology and civilizational advance dominated and assimilated fungoidals in next 150 years.

Virals established kind of aristocracy caste, while fungoidals play role of servants.

Around the year 4600 great migrations started and new civilizations begun to spread over world. For next century history witnessed 24 colonization attempts.

Various climate conditions, bio-stability, biodome had huge impact on settlers. They were adapting to a new conditions, evolving so fast, that we humans, would need thousands of years, to match changes, that new creatures were experiencing during single generation. And this is how various races begun to appear. Temperature, humidity, harshness of climate moulded new creatures.

Note: this is 'original' introduction from PW mod, written around 2017 or even earlier. KG.

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