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Read this F.A.Q. for all information on installation and some problems you might encounter.

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1. It's irrelevant whether you have any of Konami's official patches or DLC's - the game brings its own 1.03-compatible executable and its own 3.00-compatible DLC. You don't have to download any DLC to make the HNL patch work (the HNL patch already contains its own DLC which isn't in "conflict" with other DLC's, e.g. the one from the PESEdit patch). DO NOT FOR ANY REASON download through the in-game menus any FUTURE DLC's that Konami might eventually release, await a proper update from the CROPES team!!!

2. The HNL patch has its own .exe (hnl2012.exe or hnl2012_jenkey.exe or hnl2012_nesa_yair.exe) and settings (hnl_settings.exe). The game must explicitly be run through the button in the CROPES Launcher, through the links in the Start Menu or directly through the mentioned .exe files. Windows Vista/7/8/10 users are recommended to run the game as administrator if they are running it through the .exe files directy - especially if they want to use Jenkey's gameplay. Standard settings for the HNL patch are only to be changed through hnl_settings.exe (or the appropriate shortcut in the Start Menu).

a) With the HNL patch, initially you will get Jenkey's gameplay mode 6.4.1 set up to use EXCLUSIVELY the improvements that refer to the gameplay itself. The mentioned options can be changed as you wish (options in the Gameplay tab).

b) Initially, all "servers" that come with Jenkey's gameplay mode are disabled, as well as all the "unlock" options:

  • stadium server
  • chant server
  • adboard server
  • ball switcher
  • referee kits switcher
  • 24-in-1 scoreboard pack
  • winter turfs
  • unlock leagues
  • increase replay slots
  • gamepad vibration
  • etc.

As mentioned before under a), all the changes you do to the servers and unlocking are done at your own risk. The edit team will not resolve individual problems related to Jenkey's gameplay mode options which were initially disabled.

3. The type and ratio of the scoreboard (16:9 or 4:3) can be set through the CROPES Launcher. After installing, the default setting is the 16:9 MaxTV scoreboard.

4. The Online mode in the HNL patch doesn't work due to the incompatible database.

5. Advice for all Windows Vista/7/8/10 users - the easiest way to avoid a lot of unnecessary problems: - XP users can also benefit from these tips

A) Avoid installing PES to the Program Files directory on the same disk where you have Windows itself installed - e.g. if you have Windows on the C: disk, do not install PES itself in the C:\Program Files\ directory - if you have multiple partitions on the disk (D:, E:, ...), install PES on another partition, and if you only have a C: partition, install PES in a different folder outside C:\Program Files. Windows Vista, 7, 8, and 10 specially protect the Program Files folder in the system disk (the same disk where Windows itself is located) for security reasons. Because of this protection, you can have many issues with the game, so it's recommended to install the game in some other directory. Even though the CROPES Launcher should be "immune" to these problems, we cannot guarantee that this will indeed be the case. Again, we warmly recommend installing PES outside the Program Files folder on the system disk.

B) If you really "have to" install the HNL patch in the Program Files folder, then the HNL patch installation (hnl2012_setup_part1.exe and hnl2012_setup_part2.exe) must be run with administrator privileges (right click -> Run as administrator). Or, you can disable User Account Control from the Control Panel for your user account.

C) It is highly recommended that the patch (when it's successfully installed) is run and set up only from the CROPES Launcher. The Launcher requires administrator rights to even run, and then under those same administrator rights it runs all parts of the HNL patch.

D) If the CROPES Launcher doesn't work for you at all, run the game through the links in the Start Menu ("CROPES HNL Patch 2012"). If the Launcher doesn't work for you, and you're using Windows Vista/7/8/10, Jenkey's gameplay mode is best to be run through "hnl2012_jenkey.exe" with the OBLIGATORY use of the "Run as administrator" option. The first signal that Jenkey's gameplay mode is properly run is the RED loading circle right at the start, followed by a number of red and green messages during PES' loading ;)

6. For all questions and problems, visit the forum:

Known problem: wrong club names in the 2. HNL

In order to properly display the team names, the menu language must be set to English. Take note, as there is also English US, so you need to explicitly choose just English.

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