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-Imperial Warrior
The basic infantry of the Empire. They're armed with a photon rifle that fires bursts of photon energy that can easily eliminate infantry but not vehicles. They can be ordered to deploy to protect themselves with an energy shield and arm their rifles with a photon capacitor, which allows them to fire single powerful bursts of photon energy that causes more damage but at a slow firing rate.


This robotic dragonfly is used to guard bases from uninvited guests, such as spies. Hovering several feet above ground, it can zoom around quickly and also fly above water. It's sensors allow it to see through disguises and it's Beam Claws allows it to kill infantry easily by swooping into and slashing the victim quickly.


This unit serves the same purposes other engineers are used for.


Primary anti-armor infantry of the Empire. They're armed with a solar-powered plasma cutter, a cannon that fires a thick beam of plasma energy that can cut through tough tank armor. For some reason however, the weapon passes through infantry like the morning breeze, causing little to no damage...

-Rocket Angel

Secondary anti-armor unit, more focused on anti-air purposes than anti-ground. Their advanced flight suits surpasses the Rocketeer's jet packs; they're faster and more agile. They fire small swarms of photon missiles that hunt down it's target(s). The missiles can decimate aircrafts easily, but other vehicles are just too tough. Keep Rocket Angels away from AA defenses at all times if possible.

The Imperial Shinobis are the finest infiltrators and assassins in the world, having existed for many years passing their near supernatural abilities to worthy ninjas from generations to generations. They're always cloaked to avoid detection, but sensors can reveal them. They're armed with a delicate sword that they use to slash unsuspecting foes at close range. They can also be ordered to deploy, hiding themselves in a bush and sniping enemies with their blowpipes. They also serve the purpose of a spy. Cloaked, they can sneak into the enemy's base and infiltrate structures. Because Shinobis are already the finest, they don't gain veterancy.

-Suzaku Motohide
The Empire's hero unit. This samurai wears a power suit that makes him immune to radiations, as well as being slightly resistant to enemy fire. He's armed with the "Wave-Force Katana". With one swipe, he can unleash a wave of energy that can eliminate groups of infantries and damage tanks with ease. He's also armed with the personal "Wave-Force Buster", a lightweight assault cannon that fires a powerful wave blast. This weapon is only used against structures only.

-Imperial Archtype

An advanced infantry bound to a sleek power suit more advanced than Suzaku's. These "super soldiers" can run very quickly and take some punishment. The suit also makes them immune to radiations and psiconics. They're armed with a wrist mounted "Gattling Photon Cannon" that can easily tear most materials to shreds in seconds.

-Amphi Miner

This miner is unarmed but has the ability to traverse both land and sea.

-Kabuto Combat Tank
The MBT of the Empire. These tanks are fast and agile but poorly armored and wielding a weak weapon. The autoloading photon cannon fires at a rapid rate and unlike conventional tank guns, seems to be quiet effective against infantry. It takes a whole group of this tanks to unleash a deadly force so sending small battalions is not recommended.

-Sudden Transport

This APC can transport up to five men to their location at speed, with the cover of it's cloaking device. It is unarmed and lightly armored and can be detected by sensors so do be careful.

-Jet Tengu/Mecha Tengu

This vehicle is unique as it can transform from one form to another to serve two different roles. By default it is the Mecha Tengu, which is an agile robot capable of picking off infantry with it's photon cannons. It can then transform into the Jet Tengu, which is a VTOL jet used against aircrafts. It can then transform back into the robot-made and into the jet-mode again, etc.


The Empire does not need to use a service depot with this unit in their side. The NRU (Nano Repair Unit) uses nanobots to repair fellow vehicles from a distance. It automatically scans for any damage vehicles in it's range and repairs them. Having a couple of these machines in your attack force can be very useful, provided you protect them that is.


The MCV serves the same purpose as other MCVs.

-Sumida Cannon

This artillery cannon can easily destroy structures and infantry but not vehicles. It's positron cannon has a slow firing rate. The vehicle itself is poorly armored and slow. Also the cannon can't hit anything that is too close to it, forcing the Sumida Cannon to drive away from the target before firing at it.

-King Oni

This large heavy walker is nearly on par with the feared Soviet Apocalypse. Armed with two medium positron cannons (which are it's "arms"), it can destroy nearly anything except aircrafts, which is one of this machine's weaknesses. Other known drawbacks are it's expensive price and slow speed. Still, this weapon can and will decimate anything that stands in it's way.

-Amphibious Transport

The Amphibious Transport functions the same as it's counterparts.

-Yari Mini Sub

The scout of the seas for the Empire. Its fast and agile and can reveal a large amount of the sea quickly for your viewing via radar. It is also able to detect other submersibles too. It is weak in both armor and firepower. Also, because the amount of force created when launching it's torpedoes, it must rise up to the surface for stability, revealing itself to the enemy.

-Umi Saber

This larger mini sub is used as an anti-air sub, able to ambush passing aircrafts and fire photon missiles at them. It lacks sensors for a sub and is unable to attack anything else other than aircrafts so do keep it away from the enemy's navy.

-Naginata Cruiser

The main attack ship of the Empire. It is on par with Destroyers and Typhoons. It fires two heavy photon torpedoes at other ships when attacking. It is also equipped with sensors to detect subs, but the range of it's sensors is smaller than the Yari's.

-Shogun Battleship

The pride of the Empire's navy. It's triple photon battery cannon can annihilate nearly anything. The weapon however, has a slow firing rate and is unable to fire at anything close to it. The Shogun Battleship is slow and is not equipped with sensors and anti-air defenses, making it highly vulnerable to subs and aircrafts. It have been created to work along side Naginatas - Naginatas depend on them for defense against land units and the Shoguns relies on the Naginatas for cover against subs.

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