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ok this feature shall explain the Heroes that the Empire gets in GC mostly

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Empire Heros

Emperor Palpatine: Space: The Eclipse; Land: Sith lord
Darth Vader: Space: The Executer and can launch his tie fighter squadron in battle; Land: Sith
Grand Admiral Sizzler: Space: The Electrified (Sizzle cruiser mk2); Land: A sizzle tank squad
Grand Admiral Thrawn: Space: The Chimiera; Land: Himself with a squad of Noghori assassins
Warlord Zsinji: Space: Razors Kiss; Land: Himself with a squad of Raptor guards
Admiral Daala: Space: The Gordgon (starts at the Maw); Land: Herself with a pair of Elite Stormtrooper
Grand Moff Tarkin: Space: Victory cruiser Mk2; Land: *not on land*
General Veers: Space: Acclanamator mk1; Land: At-at
Darth Johnyboy1: Space: The Beauty; Land: Dark Jedi
Captain Pealleon: Space: The Leveler; Land: Himself
Hand of judgement: Space: the Gillia; Land: the entire squad
Ori'Verda: Space: The Beskar; Land: Himself with Mandalorians
Delta289: Space:*Will ride in a ship*; Land: Himself

That is all for now

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