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Balance changes, improvements, Upgrades and additions to the Empire of the Rising Sun faction.

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------------Production Building Upgrades & Revisions--------------

Nanotech Mainframe - Gone Completely

Construction Yard can now queue buildings
(May have to remove this later but I hope it is not too OP)

ConYard - Now has Nanotech Innovation and Revolution global upgrades
($1000 and $2000)

ConYard Nanotech Upgrades - Each gives ConYard and production buildings +25% HP

Barracks/War Factory/ Naval Yard - Tier 1and 2 upgrades replaced with upgrades to add units individually
(These upgrades can be bought in any order or combination but require the respective Nanotech Upgrades)

------------Unit Upgrades & Revisions--------------

Defender Core health increased from 200 to 250

All other cores health increased from 400 to 500

Burst Drone speed increased from 125 to 150
Burst Drone cost decreased from 300 to 250

Archer Maiden - added as tier 2 anti-air infantry

Rocket Angle build time increased from 10sec to 15sec
Rocket Angle cost increased from 900 to 1000

Harvester weapon does no damage to buildings
Harvester weapon recharge time increased from 3sec to 10sec
Harvester in weapon mode speed decreased by 50%

Sudden Transport speed increased from 100 to 120

Tsunami Tank cost decreased from 1000 to 800

Wave-Force Artillery build time increased from 15sec to 20sec

Sea Wing build time decreased from 11sec to 10sec
Sea Wing Cost increased from 1100 to 1200

Naginata Cruiser build time increased from 18sec to 20sec

Shogun Battleship build time decreased from 22sec to 20sec
Shogun Battleship Cost decreased from 2200 to 2000

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