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In our game, NPCS are quite capable of running empires and towns, all the way down to businesses. However you yourself can own anything from a flower shop, a farm, bakery, all the way up to becoming ruler of your town or nation. This system is one of the ways you don’t have to play in FPS all the time as well.

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1) Business Ownership

Lets say you own a farm, with NPC workers. Using our mobile app, you can respond to trade requests, manage salaries, hire new workers. Letting you play the game your way is one of the key aspects of this. While you can do it all from your computer, lets face it, you may own a business and adventure while you're online. Our system lets you choose a lot of aspects of how you play in this regard.

Another aspect of this is our food system. We will be giving base cultural dishes, and products. After that, you can use the RnD system to make anything from new cake designs, meals, and much more. I went to La Cordon Bleu Culinary Academy for a while to understand a little more about this and develop this system. Seasonings are either liked or disliked by different species, some go together some don’t. This makes it trial and error like in the rest of RnD where you create dishes and see your character's reaction to them. Customers will react to them as well so you would want to test this with NPCs and other players.

Even children's toys can be developed for sale, as children have a want/need for entertainment, adults will want more sophisticated toys. This works a little differently than culinary but in a similar way. A toy with a good price, and able to be used multiple times is great, but what is the toy? If its a logic toy, then you will get more sales from higher intelligence customers. Players on the other hand will get to manipulate this toy with our mannerisms system as well as actually manipulating it in the game world. A Rubik's Cube for instance would be able to be played with by the player when bored.

2) Empire and Town Management

This is a nearly pure RTS aspect, where you can plan zones, build new buildings, hire guards, train guards. While you can also do this in the FPS aspect, the two work together to allow you full control. Guard training can be done from hiring NPCs or other PCs to train them. This allows you to make a new job (like a quest) for players and NPCs which can vie for the position, say in a tournament or other form.

Also you will be able to affect the laws of the land by owning the area. An Empire or Nation can set base laws, govern trade, and other things. The leader of a Town can set their own laws, etc, on a more personal scale.

This is a topic that I’m sure will grow a lot as time progresses and we get feedback. I put the baseline in, and will update this and other documents, as we get feedback.

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