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Information regarding the Darkshield army

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Darkshield is the player of choice for anyone who likes stealth and gadgetry. Based on a species of Black Panther, their technology is superior to everyone else's due to their mithrillite-powered weaponry. Their weapons systems are based on a 'modular' design that allows you to fit several weapons of choice onto a single vehicle chassis or defence 'base block', not unlike the Component Towers in Tiberian Sun. Their units are also the second-fastest of the sides, and are primarily designed for flexibility and multiple purposes. However, overall their vehicle armour is very weak, the weakest of the four sides. To make up for that, they possess ample stealth technology, allowing them to make sneaky hit-and-run attacks on enemy groups.


Special technologies

  • Basic vehicle chassis that can upgrade with several unique weapons
  • Stealth generators
  • Infantry is stealth when not firing


  • Speed
  • Stealth
  • Modular upgradability


  • Weak armour
  • Reliance on power
  • Folds to brute force and massed armies

Construction Details

Darkshield buildings are not built, but are warped in from a remote location. Unlike the PDF method, which still relies on drop pods to bring in the structure, DS building is fully automated and needs only the presence of a warp field.

What they start with
Field Generator, already deployed. May be undeployed and moved elsewhere at the start of the game.

What builds
An invisible and indestructible object.

Build queue
Since they have an invisible object to do the building, they only ever have one build queue. However, they don't need to waste any time building their structures, only the warp portals need to be established. Therefore, they can easily warp in many structures at a time as long as funds allow. There could be a symbolic build time of 1-2 seconds for each structure, to prevent outright spam.

On the field
Since buildings don't need to be built, they are simply placed on the ground immediately. There, the warp portal slowly forms, at the end of which the building is instantly transported to the location. The warp portal itself is impervious to most damage, but certain specialised heavy weaponry can disrupt it and cause the building to be damaged in-transport, or even destroyed outright before it arrives.

Build space
Warp fields are generated with a small, mobile Field Generator vehicle. When deployed, it activates its built in warp field generator, which not only allows buildings to be warped in nearby but also cloaks the generator itself. Darkshield has no 'main building', and instead starts with only a deployed Field Generator, which provides adequate build space for a small outpost. To increase build space, more Field Generators can be built at the war factory.

DS expansion is no different from simply making their home base bigger. They can build Field Generators and then those can be sent out to other locations to establish a remote outpost.

Vehicle Repair

When not within combat, all Darkshield units have the ability to self repair, giving them more of an advantage to hit and run tactics.


Any idea how you're going to get the modular thing to work for vehicles?

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The details on this faction are very impressive, I do like everything I see, but I do agree with Soul_XP(Yay it rhyms), you would have to make the vehicles part cyborg, anyway its just an idea...

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Hmm interesting :)

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