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Eldars unit list. I walk again, a god among mere mortals.

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  1. Autarch;
  2. Banshee Exarch Bodyguards;
  3. Avatar;
  4. Bonesinger;
  5. Guardian Squad;
  6. Seer Council;
  7. Harlequin;
  8. Ranger Squad;
  9. Farseer;
  10. Shuriken Cannon Platform;
  11. Brightlance Platform;
  12. Howling Banshee Squad;
  13. Dark Reaper Squad;
  14. Fire Dragon Squad;
  15. Falcon Grav Tank;
  16. Vyper;
  17. War Walker;
  18. Fire Prism;
  19. Wraithlord;
  20. Nightwing.
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