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Dying Light 2 is getting support for custom maps, and a competition with a substantial prize pool encouraging a swathe of new UGC is launching with it!

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Dying Light 2, the sequel to Techland's open-world zombie parkour adventure, is now receiving cross-platform support for custom maps and environments thanks to integration. To celebrate and encourage new creators to come onboard, a competition with a substantial prize pool is also going live! Read on for more details on Dying Light 2, its brand new modding solution, and what you could win in the stakes!

Dying Light 2 is the second entry in the Dying Light series, which features players parkouring around open-world environments to evade zombies that, by day, aren't too much of a threat, but by night, are a serious concern for any unprepared runner. Intent on splicing apart the intricacies that a contained zombie apocalypse would create in terms of global politics, the Dying Light series has amassed a healthy fanbase of folks who appreciate the unique take on your average undead premise, including modders who have already put together patches and revised gameplay balance mods to both games.

ScreenshotDying Light 2 puts an emphasis on more the human impact post-apocalypse than purely the zombies

Dying Light 2 recently received an expansion opening up more content to players, but perhaps the biggest expansion to the game's offering is yet to come, as now, thanks to, custom map support is opening the door to more powerful modding efforts, installed easily and effectively regardless of platform. The tools will take the form of a free DLC on Steam which interested players can download, and then use to begin customizing their own city. Then, players can share their creations via the platform.

Image 8
New zombie types mean experienced Dying Light players still have a lot of new ground to cover

Modding support for a game like Dying Light 2 is notable enough news on its own - especially in the middle of our own annual Mod of the Year event, and after the advent of modding tools like RTX Remix - but Techland is sweetening the deal quite a bit by launching a competition named the Shape Your City contest, where players can submit their maps for review by Techland, ASUS, and AMD, all sponsoring or front-running the event.

Image 4
Dying Light's darkly beautiful world is rendered once again in full detail in the sequel

$50,000 is up for grabs, in bunches of $5,000, for the winners of Techland's selection; meanwhile, the most subscribed entry on will win the Community Favourite award and a ASUS ROG Zephyrus Duo 16 Laptop, which is certainly nothing to sniff at. AMD's favourite will nab the third prize bracket, with a GPU [PowerColor 6800XT] and CPU [Ryzen 7 5800X3D] combo to supercharge your PC and prep for plenty more high-stakes Dying Light 2 action.

Image 1

User maps are sure to expand the offering and give plenty of new challenges to fans

The competition begins today, December 13th, and runs until 16:00 CET, January 20th, 2023. Dying Light 2 sits at Very Positive on Steam and costs £54.99 GBP/$59.99 USD off of sale, but as mentioned above, owners of Dying Light 2 will be able to download the developer tools as a free DLC. Do you have any ideas for an entry for the competition? Let us know in the comments down below!

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Can I just say I really hate that I need to make a account to download mods from mod.i? It is kind of like locking mods behind Steam Workshop. I just prefer to download mods without needing a account on a web site. I hate this about the web site as well.

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