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Hey everyone so I apologize for lack of updates as progress in rather slow. I am going to link a tool that helps make SweetFX/ENB work with Thief 3 I have not seen too much of a benefit so far but then I am still working on getting textures updated so at least ENB is up and running.

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Here is the mod tool

It was not written for Thief 3 but it works, unlike the DX7 tool I raved about earlier. I am planning on using ENB with bump mapping enabler from Boris himself. I have not seen the effect in game as of yet. Mainly because my tools could not convert my displacement maps from tga to dds DXT3 I was forced to look for an alternative. I finally found one and am now using The downside is that I cannot batch process textures. The upside is that the quality of the map remains with this tool unlike with the batch processor i had before. So hopefully with time and work permitting I will be able to do a bunch of the textures this weekend and test in-game. I am hoping that I will not have to do any additional texture mapping from within the editor but we will have to see. If the textures do need to be mapped properly then this will take longer. As I mentioned previously using Nvidia inspector or Radeon pro tools should enable better lighting/shadowing in the game especially now that it is being wrapped to DX9.

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