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The various races of The Witcher Kings and their unique backgrounds.

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The Dwarves are a hardy, stocky race hailing from their central mountain homeland of Mahakam. Mahakam is a large mountainous region wedged between Aedirn and Temeria. It is a mountainous, rocky land where great crags and granite boulders dominate the landscape. The snowy mountain peaks of Mahakam pierce through clouds and heavy mists that traverse the valleys like raging water. The Dwarves are fearsome soldiers, skilled craftsman, and cunning businessmen. They may be small and stature, but they are a strong and sturdy folk. They spend much of their lives in the darkness of the mines, cutting and chipping away at the granite beneath the mountains, in search of resources and riches. No steel stands a chance when compared with Mahakam steel. They smelt their ores in molten hot furnaces to produce some of the finest armors and blunt weaponry on the continent. Their mercenary bands are revered worldwide, and they have proven themselves a vital asset to the Temerian military. Alas, they too are persecuted, and many resort to to joining the ranks of the Scoia'tael.
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