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In a few months we'll be done with Metus and then we'll move forward with our rebranded Youtube horror channel Cosmic Horror.

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(A joke picture Emerald Eel Entertainment made from the development team)

I will be done with Amnesia modding after the publication of Metus later this year. I have been working on Metus on and off for literally several years and it's somewhat hard to believe it's almost over. Just don't expect too much from a small couple of people (mainly one person).

In our current build I can currently play through all 5 chapters, but a lot of areas are still pretty empty and linear so I'll be working on building onto those levels for now. After that it'll pretty much be the polishing/detailing/optimization/bug test stage of development and maybe if we have enough time we can have a sort of bonus stage of development where we take fan suggestions of add-ons or even levels to give Metus.

For those who care, this will be it. Once Metus is done, Seth and I will rebrand our name from Frictional Weekly to Cosmic Horror on Youtube, Twitter and anywhere else. We'll be switching from just Frictional Games and horror games to horror as a whole -- having a more personality-based, independent horror channel.

- Matt

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