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Since I have no access to any modelling tools, I decided to put certain promotional information concerning Dr. Thrax. He will be available as playable general in coming GLA Beta Release (planned on end of summer). Good news: about 50% of work on unit-list is done Bad news: I don't have money for new video-card at present -_-

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As a result of previous US campaign, Dr. Thrax's forces were defeated and he himself was captured and held in detention camp. However, with help of Terror Leader, he managed to escape, restore his forces and resume his inhumane experiments. But, suffered heavy losses he could not fully restore his vehicle park and had to base his new weaponry on tractors and other not-so-militaristic vehicles.

On the other hand, with help of his new old friends, Dr. Thrax broadened his deadly chemical arsenal with acid and cinders weaponry and significantly improved his means of delivery. At the same time, he enlist most talented do-it-himself mechanics and scientists to further improve performance of his garage-built monstrous vehicles. Building multiple chemical research and production facilities and supplying his "friends" with deadly toxic weaponry, he poses a serious threat to public security.

Main changes:
- Less anti-infantry specialization, more chemical delivery specialization.
- Added Acid weaponry to deal with vehicles, tanks and buildings.
- More vehicles base on tractor chassis. They look more brutal this way.

- Command Center, produces workers, can produce Radar Vans and Rush Tractors.
- Supply Stash, provides funds from supply collection, produce workers
- Barracks, produce infantry and bikers.
- Arms Dealer, produce vehicles.
- Mechanic's Garage (Black Market re-concept), provides vital upgrades
- Palace (unchanged), allows advanced units, provides "high-tech" upgrades, can contain infantry garrison
- Chemical Lab (specific building), provides unique upgrades for Dr. Thrax , allows production of Combo-Units if captured.
- Chemical missile (superweapon), launches ballistic missile stuffed with deadly toxins and acid.

Base Defense:
- Tunnel Network, armed with machinegun provides entrance to Tunnel Network.
- Flack cannon site, basic universal defense.
- ATM site, additional Anti-vehicle and anti-tank defense
- Small Demotrap, explosive trap. Deployable by Technicals and BTRD amphibians.
- Demotrap, explosive trap. Buildable by worker, deployable by BTRD amphibians.
- Nebelwerfer Site (available at Rank 3), launches volleys of unguided reactive shells with toxins or acid.

Unit List:
Rank 1:
- Rebel, armed with MM-1 grenade launcher, can use explosive or toxic grenades. Gains RG-6 launcher on 3rd veterancy level.
- RPG Trooper, armed with RPG launcher, do not attack air targets. Gains tandem warheads on 3rd veterancy level.
- Stinger Soldier, armed with Stinger launcher, can attack both air and ground targets, better against aircraft. Gains frag splash on 3rd veterancy level.
- Toxic Terrorist, explosive stealthed kamikaze unit with toxic weaponry.
- Combat Bike, armed with twin machinegun
- ATM Bike, armed with ATM launcher
- Stinger Bike, armed with Stinger launchers
- Biker Terrorist, explosive kamikaze biker with toxic weaponry.
- Rush Tractor, lighter version of toxic tractor for early attack purposes. Armed with toxic grenade launcher instead of sprayers, cannot contaminate ground. Arms with toxic missile on 3rd veterancy level.
- Radar Van, provides radar, unarmed, can be camouflaged
- BTRD Amphibious transport, amphibious transport + engineering vehicle, armed with machinegunner. Can transport 6 units of infantry or demotraps. Equips with explosive AT missile on 3rd veterancy level.
- Technical, tractor-based reconnaissance vehicle, can transport 3 units of infantry or demotraps, armed with machinegunner. Equips with explosive AT missile on 3rd veterancy level.
- Tarantul, APC-like vehicle armed with "extended-range" acid sprayer, capable of melting down enemy vehicles and tanks, lacks attack range, but single spray damage is greater. Equips with explosive AT missile on 3rd veterancy level.
- Heavy Toxin Tractor, Heavier counterpart of Toxin Tractor, continuous spraying cause toxic contamination. Capable of gas-attack instead of usual ground contamination. Gains toxin missile on 3rd veterancy level.
- Infector Air-defense, Quad Cannon-like vehicle with two heavy machineguns and two SAM launchers. Gains 2 more SAMs and rearms with auto-cannons on 3rd veterancy level.
- Rocket Buggy, Buggy armed with explosive missiles. Gains frag splash 3rd veterancy level.
- Toxic Bombtruck (Little Stinker), stealthed explosive kamikaze van with toxic weaponry.

Rank 3:
- Chemotherapeutist (hero infantry unit), armed with nerve-gas grenade launcher. Can plant toxic and acid charges. Immune to poisons and acid.
- Battle Tractor, tractor-based Battle Bus. Assault infantry transport, armed with machinegunner. Equips with explosive AT missile on 3rd veterancy level.
- Acid Bombtruck (Evil Milkman), stealthed explosive kamikaze truck with acid weaponry.
- Marauder Tank, armed with cannon and toxin sprayer. Gains explosive AT missiles on 3rd veterancy level.
- Krug SAM Launcher, heavy missile-based long-range anti-air defense, can be camouflaged. Gains greater splash damage on 3rd veterancy level.
- Nebelwerfer MLRS, mobile chemical MLRS, can arm acid and toxic warheads. On 3rd veterancy level warheads create deadly clouds instead of usual toxic/acid fields.

Rank 5:
- Scraper tank, heavy "wheeled" tank armed with two cannons and explosive AT missiles.
- Elbrus launcher, heavy missile-based long-range artillery, can arm acid and toxic warheads. On 3rd veterancy level warheads create deadly clouds instead of usual toxic/acid fields.
- Toxicator (uber-unit), ultimate machine of distant chemicals delivery. Armed with toxic sprayer, large acid sprayer and 2 SAM launchers.

Cut Upgrades:
- Building Capture, granted for free.
- Infantry Camouflage. Discussed before.
- Scorpion Missile, presented as 3rd veterancy level bonus.
- AP-rockets, he don't need them.
- Toxin shells are not granted as bonus anymore, he'll have to buy it from now.

Upgrades list:
- AP-bullets, available at Mechanic's Garage. 25% damage boost for all bullet-based weapons. Affects: all bullet-armed units.
- Junk Repair, available at Mechanic's Garage. Self repair for all vehicles. Affects: ground vehicles.
- Worker's Shoes, available at Mechanic's Garage. Speed boost for all workers + small money bonus per each box. Affects: all workers.
- Fortified Structure, available at Mechanic's Garage. 25% resistance bonus to all damage types for buildings. Affects: all buildings.
- Radar Van Scan, allows radar scanning. Affects: radar Vans.

- Toxin Shells, available at Palace. Equips certain cannon shells and missile warheads with toxins. Affects: Flack Cannon Site (anti-infantry), Stinger Soldiers (anti-ground), Rocket Buggy.
- Acid Shells, available at Palace. Equips certain cannon shells and missile warheads with toxins. Affects: Flack Cannon Site (anti-vehicle), ATM site, RPG Troopers, ATM Bikers, Marauder Tank.
- Cinders Shells, available at Palace. Equips certain shells and missiles warheads with engine-clogging chemically-improved volcanic cinders deadly to planes and copters. Affects: Flack Cannon Site (anti-air), Stinger Soldiers (anti-air), Infector AA, Krug SAM launcher. Note: Stinger missiles gain 25% damage boost, 5 missiles create small cinder cloud, all the rest missiles "gain" 25% damage cut, single shell (Flack Cannon Site) create small cinder cloud, single missile create medium (Infector AA) or Large (Krug) cinder cloud.
- Chemical Defense, available at Palace. Equips infantry and vehicle crews with antidotes, neutralizers and gas-masks. No friendly damage from toxic fields,friendly damage from acid fields cut by 50%. Affects: all infantry and all vehicles.
- Radar emplacement, available at Palace. Allows wider radar scanning, 2min reload. Affects: Command Center, Mechanic's Garage and Palace.

- GV Nerve Agent (renamed Anthrax Beta), available at Chemical Lab. 50% damage boost for all toxin weaponry. Allows toxin fields and clouds to disable buildings (new chemical is more deadly and it's usage results in gas alarms interrupting building performance).
- Nitro-hydrochloric acid, "Aqua regia", available at Chemical Lab. 35% damage boost for all acid weapons, acid fields and acid clouds.

- May be some upgrades will be reconsidered.


GREAT! It will be a nice mod.

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