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These are tentatively planned features for the mod.

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Class System: 4 classes to choose to play--

The Warrior ---
Can wear the biggest armors
-Elite Reasha armor
-Ancient armor
-Amarian armor
-King Minorn's armor
-Restored ancient armor
-many more
Can use the most powerful melee weapons
-Great Axe
-Steam Maul
Has greatest damage resistance
Has the greatest strength for jumping (until the tech gets power assist armor! :P)
The Wizard/Sorceress---
Can use the magical armors and light armors
Light magic
Lightning magic
Healing/revival magic
Can summon:
-Skeletons (that start as basic and get better with each level)
-Cougar (that levels to a tiger, then a lioness)
-Mud golem -->Gravel Golem --> Rock Golem --> Iron Golem --> Steel Golem --> Titanium Golem
--> Meteoric Golem
The Tech ---
Can use the futuristic armors and light armors
Can hack encoded doors
Can use modern weapons
Can build robots to fight for them based on 3 platforms--- then choose add ons
-Platform 1-Hoverbot
-Platform 2-Humanoid
-Platform 3-Tank Bot
-------Robot Weapons:
-Dual bullet gun
-Sub-machine guns
-Vulcan Guns
-Assault Rifles
The Chemist---
Can use only light armors
Can concoct potions of various types from collected ingredients
Can invent explosive devices of various types:
-Gunpowder Bomb
-C4 plastic explosive
Can invent chemical weapons:
-Acid spray
-Disease spray (doesn't affect undead)
-Liquid N02 Blast

There will also be instances where classes can use their unique skills to collaborate on devices eg. the tech and chemist can invent a flame thrower together to use.

Dynamic xp system-- each player will gather xp for their class that unlocks the next abilities. Also hidden in the maps are rare ingredients/components/spells/armors/weapons for the classes to use. For instance batteries are needed for robots, gasoline for chemists molotovs eg. eg.

Also, to properly beat the game a minimum of four players is needed with each class represented,
for example-- barriers that only the chemists explosives can remove, doors only a tech can hack,
jumps only a warrior is strong enough to make, and magical barriers only a wizard or sorceress can defuse.


That's allot of stuff.

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Cant wait for this to come out ;)

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