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Doom 3 Turbo (v1.0) General Information

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General Information:

title - Doom 3 Turbo (v1.0)
release date - 17 February, 2015
website -

author - Santiago Rocha (from Uruguay)
email address -
website -



This mod will change your Doom 3 into some more arcade-like shooter.
Featuring an respawning enemies system that throws players in a frenzy of action and surprises.
Making the game more nervous and stressful, by adding new features.
The default parameters makes the game as hard as possible without to be impossible to play.
You must always run and kill to survive because the monsters never appear at the same place.
The game now is more tense and more scary, just to taste the strongest adrenalin ecstasy moment during playing.
Of course, for trainning, the parameter values can be changed to play this mod easier, making it completely customizable.



Extract the into the doom 3 directory (not the base folder!).
Run Doom 3, select the Mod "Doom 3 Turbo v1.0",
start a new game and select a difficulty.

Note: Resurrection of Evil comes with patch 1.2, but this mod
needs the newest patch 1.3 of DOOM3!


This mod use several .pk4 files which contains specified new features. If you do not want one feature, just rename the ".pk4" file to ".off" file.



- New mainmenu


- The player is more fast and strong


- The weapons are more strong, and big muzzleflash for the plasmagun


- Fast selection of weapons, and no needed reload for any weapons


- Fast firerate for the chaingun, machinegun, pistol, plasmagun and shotgun


- New weapons decals


- New monsters materials (fixed the "noselfShadow" error)


- New "mtr_light_shader" for the hellknight, imp, mancubus, revenant, cacodemon, bruiser and vulgar


- Slow monsters animations (run and walk)


- Respawning enemies system, the monsters never appear at the same place (created by Mausus Atlas)


- Now the flashlight is not necessary at all (created by lbr)


- Corpses stay longer (created by Tets)


- Now all weapons can hurt the cyberdemon (created by Brian Wiener)

- The RoE player is more fast and strong, only for "Resurrection of Evil" (DOOM 3 back to main menu if the file is ".pk4")


Problems Running The Mod ???

If your computer crashes while trying to load the mod or back to main menu (take it easy !!!!)
you should post in which language is your doom 3 (english, german, spanish, etc) and what version is (v1.3 or v1.3.1)
should also be as clear as possible to explain what kind of error or bug you found
should wait like 3 or 6 months for many people around the world to test the mod and can post at errors or bugs they may encounter
so do not expect a quick solution to the problem, you must be patient :p

To see if the error is caused by the "ambient light" you must delete the file zzz_11_ambient-light.pk4
and also must delete the files generated by the doom 3 in the mod folder, they are config.spec, DoomConfig.cfg, gamex86.dll

To know the "ambient light" is working well, you should bring down the console and put "r_forceAmbientOn" (has to say "1") and "r_forceAmbientRGB" (has to say "0.174604")


I am not affiliated with Activision or id Software in any way, they do not hold
responsibility for any technical issues that you may encouter through the use of
this mod. Contact me at if you find any problems.

This file can be distributed freely, as long as you
keep the .zip, .pk4 & .txt file unaltered, and intact.

-Doom 3 is a registered trademark of id Software, Inc.-


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