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The second iteration of Dominion of the Sword updates.

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So it has been a month since I've written a new update for the mod, so here it is. For many who have been waiting eagerly for some sort of update to the mod I think you'll be happy to know that another Preview will be releasing pretty soon, this one talking (mostly showing) the hard work of our mappers and researchers. Already I've gazed my eyes upon some of the finished models such as Ireland and Iceland and I have to say, it is completely unlike any map you've seen, but at the same time, holding all values from previous maps, dear.

Even as the mod reaches it's late stages, it still continues to evolve thanks to those interested in it. :) The next preview will showcase practically all mapwork with settlements, PSFs, rivers, etc on it. So you guys will practically be seeing the playable map once it comes out. Expect it and the next issue of updates pretty soon. So keep coming back and checking in. ;)

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