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The fifth iteration of Dominion of the Sword updates.

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It's been quite a while since the last update, but that only means there's more to detail in this one. :) First and foremost, I'd like to thank all those who have been watching this mod and have taken some interest in it. On behalf of the team I'd like to say we appreciate it. Ok, on to the update. I've posted that our map is practically done and I stand firmly by that statement. All factions except for Lithuania are on the map, due to a small bug we're fervently trying to uncover, but rest assured that it will make it into the final cut.

Most of our features are at the barest form, but will be ready for the the BETA we will have this fall; I want to specify that it will be a CLOSED BETA. Nevertheless, we're thinking of allowing a select few in the public to participate in it and provide feedback. How we will select is still under debate by the head honchos of the team, while the topic itself is under an even hotter debate.

You guys may have noticed the sudden and surprising increase in the amount of previews being given; this is all thanks to our dedicated staff (that we miraculously found). They're hard at work trying to produce historically accurate units and weaponry. While the mod's features in itself are impressive, it wouldn't be as good without the help of some other mods; Ruischi: TW, Point Blank's RR&RC, BBB, Lord Calidor's Templar Minimod are just some.

Once every feature is completed and fleshed out into their final version, the title of Medieval II: Total War's Greatest Super Mod will belong to Dominion of the Sword. While, we have gotten far over the past 2 years of research and work, there's still quite a bit left to the end; however, once we finally get there, we doubt anyone who will ever play it can argue upon the countless of features, aim of historical accuracy, realism, and an unimaginable amount of hours put into it. Even then, we want to believe that we will continue to support and add to mod in forms of other mods, features, and updates. ;)


Good to know that, keep up the great work =)

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