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Creation of the Documentation and big bugfixing business of the Game-Core.

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As I told within my last post, currently I'm in the last phases of development, which contain testing and fixing game core issues.
A lot of things happend within the game core. Improvements of the gameplay and the elimination of some annoying showstopping memory leaks.
For now the game core is really running great. But my tests aren't finished right now.

Simultaneously with bugfixing the game core, I'm creating the documentation for the toolkit. Actually Yume RPG Toolkit can be used by trial and error, but the toolkit owns six different tools which are working together. And these tools will build the result of your very own game. Not every tool is needed to create a simple game. But I think there should be at least a small description of how every tool will work.
The web core and all needed assets for the documentation are already finished. I think this small sideproject should be finished within two weeks.

And finally two simple screenshots which represent a small view through my eyes. Development of the Web-Documentation and the Game-Core test.

Stay tuned.




It look really good but what up with
the red background ?

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SomniumWorks Author

Thank you. Don't be frightend about the bright red background. This is a result of the tool HOG (Hand of Goddess).
With HOG it is possible to create a bunch of environment effects.

Here you can see the loaded effect within HOG:

I'll also upload an video about creating a HOG Effect.

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