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Comrades, It's time to tell you more about Triple-A agents. You have already met some of them in the game, but in the demo version provided limited information about them.

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The Kunoichi class of agents

Today we will talk about Kunoichi class. You probably noticed the bright appearance of agent Yoko. There is only one agent from this class in the demo version. Playing the full-fledged game you'll see other agents that will have different skills and abilities but belong to one class.

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Early Yoko concept

Kunoichi class origin

In Japan, after corporations got out of state’s control and state law enforcement collapsed, the crime rate in poor districts increased extremely. Under these circumstances, a social phenomenon, called Kunoichi, appeared. These are teenagers from poor areas who, despite the criminogenic situation, do not join one of the street gangs for personal reasons. Only those will survive who can handle arms and are not afraid of anything.

Kunoichi abilities

So, Kunoichi has a basic attack Street Shooting - a submachine gun shot at the enemy.

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Two special abilities: Poisoned Blade and Toxic Burst.
You’ve already known that these street fighters have developed a special poison, the recipe of which is held in the strictest confidence. It’s difficult to get such agents into your squad, because they have a strong sense of self-worth and will work only on their own terms.

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Another unique ability of Kunoichi is to use Toxic Burst, damage of which deals for three turns.

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Toxic Burst attack will become available in the full-fledged Twilight Wars game

The icing on the cake is Kunoichi's ultimate ability, Samurai's Daughter - this is the most powerful melee attack with a blade.


Passive abilities and class features

Despite the fact that these agents are strong in melee combat, their health is low. It is desirable to have a healer in the same squad with Kunoichi. That's not all! We told you about agent abilities, but there are also class abilities - passive abilities. One class gets one of them randomly. For example, for Kunoichi it could be: Tech control, Lockpicking or Knows their own worth. Tech control allows you to intercept various equipment: drones, robots, turrets, etc. Useful ability, isn't it? We have already told you that Kunoichi “Know their own worth” and these are not empty words! This ability increases the amount of money received per mission.


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