Post feature RSS Diablo Faction: Undead of Khanduras Buildings (Part1)

Darkness stirs in the kingdom of Khanduras. The Mad King musters his undead minions to conquer the world...or perhaps...the worlds!

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Altar of KhandurasAltarOfKhanduras

Main Hero summoning structure for Undead of Khanduras.

Bone Sentinel


Defensive structure. Restless souls torment nearby enemy units.

Defiled Graveyard

Defiled Graveyard

Core unit production building. Raises Hungry Corpses, Wretched Mothers and Spewing Horrors.

Tomb of WarriorsTombOfWarriors

Additional unit production building. Raises Skeleton Warriors and Skeleton Archers.

That's it for today's showcase! Next up: Part 1 of the unit showcase for the Undead of Khanduras faction. Stay tuned for more!

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