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This time we'll tell you a little about our world and monsters inhabiting it.

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This time we'll tell you a little about our world and monsters inhabiting it.
It is very important to us to show modern society sore spots through creature's guise and behavior. You can discern in the child-monster some traits of outcast kids, addicted to fast pleasures which substitute parent's love, wandering around outdoors and stairwells. We're going to create a monster which embodies the hypocrisy and sanctimony inherent to some spirituals followers. We'll try to make not only expressive appearance, but an interesting story for each kind of creatures, which could be found by the most observant players.

The development pace has been lowered for a couple last weeks. The fact that we're working on the project in our free time takes an affect. Such lull periods are normal states for indie project. All the more so we have long ebullient activity phases after them. And we've got pretty serious plans for the next month.
At the moment we're working on documentation for demo, preparing technical tasks for key features, planning our resources and have already started making up full game script.

We try to do our best to promote and inform about our project as much potential players as possible. Filling our website, seeking for useful contacts, subscribing to gamedev festivals and hoping to get noticed on reddit.

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