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Brief explanation of some of the changes made to game play mechanics in Enhanced Combat Leader ver. 2.94 for Company of Heroes OF/ToV expansion pack.

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The cost in manpower (MP) of each infantryman/weapon crewman/vehicle crewman (e.g. each man in squad = 1MP), maximum Fuel (FP) capacity of each vehicle in Gallons/Liters (e.g. 1Ltr. or Gal./10-1/100 = 1FP), and maximum Ammunition (AP) capacity carried for each unit (e.g. 1rnd./1-1/10 = 1AP for >~5cm.; 1rnd./100 = 1AP for <5cm.) determines the value that is required to purchase unit in a platoon sized element that arrives off-board the cost purchase structure has been revised so that the cost for each unit is the following: each vehicle crewman = [1MP], infantryman/weapon crewman = ([MP]+[AP]), each vehicle = (# of crewmen per vehicle[MP]+[FP]+[AP]), each man packed/towed support weapon = [AP], therefore the cost of each squad/section/team/single vehicle in each platoon will vary on based on the type of unit each squad is composed of; population (PP) and vehicle population (VPP) costs for each unit is established as follows: each infantryman/weapon crewman/vehicle crewman = 1PP, each vehicle = (# of crewmen per vehicle[pp]+[1VPP]),each towed support weapon = [1VPP].

Unit experience (XP) is restructured so as to facilitate quicker acquisition of command points (CP) that can be used to purchase individual platoons of any unit class in the game. the required amount of CP that is required to purchase a specific platoon type is determined by the amount of officers that historically were listed for that particular military as listed in the appropriate TO&E. The amount of XP each unit provides is determined by very specific criteria such as squad composition, veterancy, and if it includes vehicles, or either man packed/towed weapons; each infantryman/weapons crewman/vehicle crewman = (1XP + the cost of ammunition), each vehicle/towed weapon = (1XP + the cost of fuel [FP] + ammunition [AP] for each vehicle/towed weapon) is added together to calculate
the total XP value of each unit of the squad.

Unit veterancy for vehicles provides both bonus modifiers to the statistical attributes of each unit but also unlocks unit abilities. Every level of veterancy unlocks a new ability for vehicles and infantry units providing up to 3 additional bonus abilities to player purchased units. Unit veterancy also affects weapon accuracy, setup times, and aim time multipliers.
Weapon ranges are scaled in categories which are proportionally classified by the blueprint folder for their type as follows: barrage weap scale tank guns=1/1000-1/100 scale, automatic cann scale, small arms/machineguns <~12.7mm (50cal.) =1/1-1/10 scale.

The sight ranges for all objects and units have been adjusted to provide bonus modifiers for elevational differences on a scale of x 1 for every 10m of elevation from the ground as bonus to sight range which extends the maximum distance a unit can see visually identify enemies in fog of war. (e.g. a tank crewman riding in unbuttoned tank turret provides a bonus to the sight range of vehicle based on the height of the vehicle = 35mx [1.(vehicle height as modifier)] and the bonus modifiers for the magnification power of weapon sighting instrument are scaled to historical values (e.g. if the magnification power of the sight x4 then the bonus modifier = 1.4 because the base modifier is x1 and the magnification power is added as decimal fraction .4 there are also changes in the sight
range) vehicles that have open fighting compartments also receive an additional bonus modifier = [1.(1/2 vehicle height as modifier)] x [1.(1/3 vehicle height modifier)] (infantry=65m, light vehicles/trucks=55m, Recon AC/APC/IFV=45m, AFV/MBT=35m)

Changes have been made to game play which require players to select a doctrine which designates
a specialization that will enable the divisional services support units which will facilitate the construction of advanced structures which will in turn permit players to build units. When a player selects a doctrine a doctrine specific divisional service support detachment will be enabled in the build menu of the hq building selecting that unit will issue the command to deploy a platoon that will arrive with several service/supply sections which provide the player with units which can construct advanced structures.

service and supply soldiers use the tank crew model and are organized as special divisional detachment consisting of one or more sections of supply/maintenance personnel
that can repair buildings, structures, and bridges as well as also construct advanced structures they arrive in transport trucks grouped together with special logistical truck which has an area of effect aura which doubles the rate at which munitions dependent abilities are replenished; doubles the rate
at which construction or unit upgrades are completed (See supervise ability).

these units are vital to the player and should always be protected they are lightly armed and poorly equipped for combat, they cannot capture territory but are required to enable specific upgrades (e.g. bunker: medical upgrade, vehicle repair upgrade, fortify perimeter upgrade*) and abilities (e.g. satchel charges, set demolitions, set booby traps (building/objective)). The fortify perimeter upgrade is no longer a doctrinal upgrade but is now an upgrade that can be fielded at the German player HQ. However the upgrade requires the player have at least (1) divisional services detachment built and upgrade to whermacht tier 1(escalate to skirmish).

Regimental Pioniere Gruppe (Grenadier Co.): a regimental HQ Co. detachment consisting of a (13) man infantry section. However the upgrade requires the player have at least (1) divisional services detachment built. Upgrades: MG 34/42, Frankfurt 42 mine detector. Abilities: barbed wire cutters, throw incendiary grenade, throw panzerwurfmine, throw bundled grenade*. Basic Build menu: landmines (at), barbed wire, roadblocks, trenches, sandbags, observation post/mg nest, mortar
pits. Pioneers can repair bridges, and repair vehicles but at a much slower rate than divisional service troops and cannot build advanced structures for the wermacht faction. squad cap limit (1).

Divisional Pioniere Battalion Gruppe (11): generates an aura that improves the rate at which the
Sdkfz. 251/7 halftrack produces the goliath remote controlled bomb (Goliath Build Time x 0.7). However the upgrade requires the player have at least (1) divisional services detachment built. Upgrades: mg34/42, flammenwerfer. Abilities: satchel charges*, set demolitions*, set booby traps
(building/objective)*. Basic Construction: landmines (ap/at), barbed wire, tank traps, sandbags, trenches, bunkers, anti-tank nest*, artillery nests*. Sturm pioneers can salvage wrecks, and repair bridges but cannot build advanced structures. (Panzer Pioniere [gp.9]: (1) squad leader {mp40}, (1) assistant squad leader {kar89k}, (4) pioneers {kar89k}, (2) machine gunners* {mg34/42}, (1) ammunition bearer {p08})

Panzerspähwagen SdKfz 223 (Fu): armored car was issued to the signals troops at headquarters level of the regiments, brigades, and divisions of the panzer troops. This command unit provides a radius of effect bonus to other units around it which reduce received accuracy, received damage, and maximum speed. This unit is a recon unit and has the ability to detect hidden units, as well as the ability to divert enemy resources. It can also follow nearby friendly units with the maintain command range. Abilities: AP ammunition bursts, suppression, divert supplies, button enemy vehicle*.

Motorcycles and schwimmwagen Type 166: generate an area of effect aura which provides friendly infantry units with a bonus to both their capture rate and suppression recovery rate but this ability requires that a company hq be fielded by the player. As a recon unit it has the ability to detect camouflaged units at 1/4 of max sight range. Abilities: ap ammunition burst, suppression, button enemy vehicle*.

Kettenkrad: Has an area of effect aura which doubles the rate at which munitions dependent abilities are replenished; doubles the rate at which construction or unit upgrades are completed (See supervise ability). However these abilities require the player have at least (1) divisional services detachment built. Abilities: rudimentary repairs salvage wreck.

StuG IV: German assault gun with low profile that makes it ideal for ambush and infantry support. Abilities: pzgrnt 39/40 ap shot, site main gun*, focused fire*, ambush lockdown*. Upgrades: shurtzen armor, MG42, spotting scope

StuH 42: Self-propelled artillery support gun. Abilities: barrage, artillery rapid fire*, creeping barrage*, counter battery*. Upgrades: shurtzen armor, mg42, spotting scope

Aufklärungs Infantry Squads are small half-squad units (4) which receive the ability to reveal area units within fog of war by using special abilities that give "tank awareness" to reveals units on the game map, however the ability requires the player to field a company commander. As a recon unit it has the ability to detect camouflaged units at 1/2 of max sight range. These units also have the ability to camouflage themselves when they are in either light or heavy cover and receive a combat
bonus during their initial attacks on enemies. *remember all units moving (-25%) or sprinting (-50%) have their sight and detection radius reduced. Units in heavy cover recover their concealment faster than units in light cover.

Pak 38/40 anti-tank gun. Abilities: pzgrnt 39/40 ap ammunition, camouflage, focused fire*, rapid fire*

Sdkfz.250/1, 251/1 halftracks generate radius of effect aura which provides the following bonus modifiers: Received Damage x 0.85, Received Accuracy x 0.85, Received Suppression x 0.75, radius of effect = 5m, only to gepanzert infantry units (e.g. panzer aufklarung, panzer grenadier, and panzer pioniere infantry squads) within the radius effect. Abilities: ap ammunition burst, suppression, button
enemy vehicle*

Sdkfz. 250/3 halftracks can carry a pltn hq unit (4). This vehicle also provides command and control for reconnaissance units by providing an area of effect aura that improves capture rate, suppression threshold, recovery rate, and pinned threshold for infantry units. Additionally this unit provides a rally point for retreating units. Abilities: secure sector, artillery smoke barrage requires an sdkfz 250/3, 251/3 or company hq squad to enable OBA request by player.

Sdkfz. 250/10, 251/10. Abilities: pzgrnt 39/40 ap ammunition, focused fire*

Sdkfz.251/8 (medical halftrack) armored ambulance provides an area effect aura which heals and increases the health regeneration rate nearby friendly units, provides reinforcements to nearby friendly squads.

Sdkfz.251/7 pioneer halftrack can carry (10) infantry pioneers and provides vehicle build/repair aura that permits faster construction and repairs of both buildings and bridges (see supervision ability) it
also is the only unit that can construct the goliath remote control demolition unit.

*all sdkfz.251/1 personnel carriers provide an area of effect aura around friendly infantry units which reduces received suppression, received accuracy, and received damage. Sdkfz.251/1 Halftracks do not reinforce infantry squads.

Platoon and Company HQ units:

Company HQ squad generates a non-stacking area of effect aura of Zeal! to all infantry within its command radius, suppressed or pinned units may also be withdrawn to the captain’s position (see British ability). Abilities: observed artillery barrage (12cm OBA)*

Platoon HQ squad generates an non-stacking area of effect aura that provides the following modifiers: Received Damage x 0.7, Received Accuracy x 0.8, Received Suppression x 0.55, max speed +2 (gepanzert platoon hq) Modifiers: Weapon Cool down x 0.7, Weapon Reload x 0.6, Weapon Damage x 1.255, Weapon Accuracy x 1.225, However the ability requires the player to field an sdkfz. 250/3. Abilities: inspired assault*

artillery support for players provide one of two possible options each with unique benefits and
limitations because artillery weapons now receive cool down multiplier, and reload multiplier modifications that affect the time interval between salvos, also artillery barrage abilities have significantly higher recharge times, and their rates of fire vary depending on their fire missions which impacts the concentration of the barrage. on board artillery provides higher accuracy, lower delays between fire missions, and very versatile fire mission options (e.g. barrage, creeping barrage, counter battery, victor target) but has lower concentration of fire because barrages are shorter and fewer guns are provided. on board artillery also has the additional drawback of being targeted and

Volksgrenadier units now get four upgrades based on escalation phase (1,2,3) phase 1 grants G43 carbine as a weapon and the G43 rifle as a upgrade, phase 2 grants the 2MP 40 and a MG42 LMG, Phase 3 grants access to the MP44 stosstrupp.

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