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It's been quite some time, but we've got a lot of news!

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So what's up with "Captain Holetooth"?

Watch this video and you'll be up to date in no time.
I'm showing you all the levels and explain a lot about the concept and planned updates.

We are very lucky and have many things to share.
First of all, we've found new open source developers who help us with the game at - I can't thank them enough!

Let's get right into it and talk about what has happened.

Many bugs removed and significant features added:

Save games and persistence

We managed to implement save games and have made the game persistent, which means that you can go back and forth in the levels to play your favourite parts again or discover new secrets!

Dialogue with NPCs

The game is for kids, so that text conversation will be kept to a minimum, but we've got it working, and it's doing what its supposed to do :)

Controller Support on Windows, Linux, Mac, PC

The most common Controllers on the market are now supported. You can even use your Xbox or PS4 controller.

Improved controls

The controls have been fine tuned, and some kids helped us to find out the right balance. "Captain Holetooth" is moving much smoother and snappier now

Parental controls

To help parents, we have introduced some parental controls which are not restrictive and take away fun, but encourage kids to stop playing and do something in the real world. "Captain Holetooth" is only human too and can't jump around for hours. He needs a rest and kids understand that ;-) Its quite experimental, but fun!

Official Site

We've launched an official site, where you can grab the latest news and media!

What's still to do?

  • Of course, there is a lot of artist work to be done because currently there is only one artist.
  • Level design is hard. In every game! There are still some unfinished areas, but we're on a good track to make the games complete and first of all fun.

I hope you enjoyed this update and kindest regards
CEO, Artist etc. of Hirnbix
P.S.: Hirnbix means = "A can full of brains."

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