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Today I invite you to learn more about the game Bad Day,developed by Ukrainian studio Farom Studio,in our exclusive interview with the developers. Moreover is official media partner of the studio Farom Studio.

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John Singer (
Hello, let's start with that question.Many compare your game «Bad Day» with «STALKER»,because they are similar in appearance.You answer?

Konstantine Lisetskiy (Farom Studio):
Hello. No doubt there are similarities as well as setting of the game is the CIS. We are pleased when people equate us to the hit game.So, we do it right, once causes associations.
But I assure you, no texture, no model, no animation is not taken from a stalker, all done "with our own hands."

John Singer ( As for the game world «Bad Day», it will be completely open, or all frames within a video game, the player will be able to kick the can or down the wall?

Konstantine Lisetskiy (Farom Studio): In fact, it is difficult to make Sandbox to mobile platforms. We initially aimed to ourselfs to do a project, which forces the new team. Regarding kick can, it is still limited in hardware, as opposed to a PC or a console, mobile device calculates a much smaller number of polygons.Therefore, if you allow the player to kick the cans, you have to, say, refuse bots, since the device can not simply count all, and just hang.

John Singer ( Tell the story of the game , where it all begins, and for whom we have to play?

Konstantine Lisetskiy (Farom Studio): It all starts with a subway , which comes down the track. We have to play for the most ordinary passenger who was traveling in the subway. We will describe the history from the first day of the epidemic.

John Singer ( As for the weapons, what kind of arsenal will be represented in the game? Player can throw knives at the enemy?

Konstantine Lisetskiy (Farom Studio): From throwing knives, by the way, a good idea, be sure to try to use. Arsenal of player will be very diverse, but the player does not be able to carry a Gatling gun.
The inventory is always placed only 2 kinds of weapons, not counting the constant knife.
So what are the different types, guns, automatic rifles, light machine guns (like the PKK), also plan to introduce a hand grenade launchers - a prototype Bulldog.
Sniper rifles are also planned, but they will be of a level, the player will not be able to carry behind him a sniper rifle, just for this will be special rates on hold sniper positions.Still planning a couple of stationary machine guns on trucks - Before levels on a stationary machine gun, to the player will be a choice, a gyroscope or a joystick.And of course the technology, but not larger BMP. In technology, the player will need to switch between the driver's seat and firing positions, or else to give the command to his companion (NPC), to control the firing position.

John Singer ( Tell us, what about the levels: how many of them will be, and what surprises can we expect from them?

Konstantine Lisetskiy (Farom Studio): we are planning no less than 10 , some levels are free-moving, at these levels need to take quests (primary and secondary) as well as buy something.

John Singer ( Why does the name of the game Bad Day, what is that? The main character up in the morning, do not stand feet?

Konstantine Lisetskiy (Farom Studio): I asked a man who worked in our team. How to name the project. He suggested two options offhand Bad Day and "Instructions for survival in a zombie apocalypse. "Bad Day I liked it at once, because not a good day when the dead begin to attack people :).

John Singer ( Many people like a multiplayer game, whether the mode in your game, what features?

Konstantine Lisetskiy (Farom Studio): Multiplayer, of course, will be. At this stage, scheduled 4 modes: Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch - These two options are no doubt aware of anyone who has ever played in multiplayer.Waves and Team Waves-These two options we add, the first one, team retention of large waves of zombies, in the second mode, players will be divided into two teams, and in between waves players must destroy the opposing team, as long while there are 2 teams, the waves will come, as only one team will be defeated, will be the last wave, and if the surviving team wins then it will stand.

John Singer ( How many people are working on the game, and what each of you involved in the team?

Konstantine Lisetskiy (Farom Studio): The four permanent and two connect on demand. I am engaged scripting gameplay and interface, Vladimir Belousov chief designer of the project, Dennis "Slick" Fiyurskiy engaged various scripts in-game items, another person working remotely Rustam, he writes music, in addition to Rom Di Prisco. Some people we connect, if you want more 3D artists.

John Singer ( How did you get the idea of ​​the game, you're a fan «STALKER» or is it coincidence?

Konstantine Lisetskiy (Farom Studio): I, Vova and Denis, the fans, but we are not inspired by a stalker, as though setting is similar, the subject is still different, we will have no mutations, no radioactive zones.

John Singer ( Which game engine built your game, and what devices will support iOS «Bad Day»?

Konstantine Lisetskiy (Farom Studio): Unreal Engine 3, about the devices, I can say that even though we have not yet tested completely on all devices support all claimed from iPhone 3Gs, including the iPod Touch.

John Singer ( When can we expect the game and at what price?

Konstantine Lisetskiy (Farom Studio): The game is scheduled for the end of the first quarter of 2013, the price will be no more than $ 4.99.

John Singer ( Thank you for your time - what can you say to your fans and users of our site

Konstantine Lisetskiy (Farom Studio): We will try to surprise you, since this opening is very important for us as a start-up company. Regularly visit our website, as well as a site, where it will be always up to date information on our project. Thank you all.

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