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Mandalorian Mercenary and Gamma097 answer a few questions relating to the mod.

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Q: Just how far are we. How soon can we expect to see the finished product or at least another beta?

Mandalorian Mercenary: Pretty far, there is still A LOT more stuff to add though. All you great guys and gals can probably expect at the least a special holiday mission!

Gamma097: I estimate the next beta to be released around to the start of 2011.

Q: What kind of gameplay will the mod feature? Will we be seeing the 'behind-the-lines' action of Republic Commando, or more of a front-lines combat game?

Mandalorian Mercenary: Front-lines all the way! There'll still be some stealth involved, but for the most part your lugging your kit with the regular meat-cans.

Gamma097: I'm estimating 60% front-lines action, and 40% 'behind-enemy-lines' stealthy stuff.

Q: How many levels will we expect to see? Will they still follow the general flow of Republic Commando with a prologue and three planets?

Mandalorian Mercenary: As of yet, there's no set level amount. Currently, there is an AWESOME prologue; and there'll probably be more than 3 planets.

Currently, the confirmed planets are Kamino (Prologue and possibly a mission), Geonosis, and Jabiim.

Q: Can we expect to see online play?

Mandalorian Mercenary: You bet, that way you can kick other peoples' shebs too!

Gamma097: We haven't really discussed that much, but it's possible.

Q: Should we be on the lookout for any easter-eggs?

Mandalorian Mercenary: Of course! Although I'm not authorized to tell you about any...

Gamma097: Definitely! We may have an Easter egg map something like the '1138' map from the original game.

Q: Around how many re-textures have you done?

Mandalorian Mercenary: Oh gosh...too many to count.

Gamma097: Over 20 is my guess.

Q: What exactly do you do?

Mandalorian Mercenary: Personally, I skin stuff and voice-act for the squad leader, Jai!

Gamma097: I am a skinner and a sound (voices, mainly) editor.

Q: How comprehensive will the mod be; can we expect to see new animations and character models?

Mandalorian Mercenary: Sure can. Although Hockey is more skilled in that area then me.

Gamma097: We haven't done anything about new animations, and only reskins of original Republic Commando models have been made so far. However, many new weapon models have been made.

Q: Give us a quote, an nugget of wisdom...

Mandalorian Mercenary: I'm not violent, just socially challenged!

Gamma097: I can't come up with anything yet.


this mod sounds EPIC!!!!!! front lines ftw!

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Interesting, by the sound of it a lot more people ought pay attention to this mod than they do.

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Upfront means more clinkers to kill :D

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Hey i asked this before on a older youtube vid but are there new voices for the characters by your team? please message me back because id realy like to know how mutch of a "total converstion" this will be. thank you bye.

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