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"The game is out! Finally!" Better you saying this than me saying it.

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KEANUWARE is done. I thought I was being too ambitious working mostly from scratch, completing a two-faced game from start to finish over the span of a month, but since I'm going up against two Vive tech demos and a funny pun game I'm glad I decided to go with the scope I did.

KEANUWARE is two games; one is a fairly spacious, more traditional SUPERHOT experience, with more of an emphasis on exploration, multiple routes, and secrets than the typical 'snapshot of an action sequence' design SUPERHOT is known for. Feel free to play with the mechanics, look for hidden stuff, and die all you want.

The other game is a faster-paced, minigame-based fight for survival. The KEANUWARE Mask is not afraid to speed things up and make your life more difficult, but he is a charitable mask. Every 11 rounds he will give you a free heart, because KEANU loves you. You know who doesn't love you? Time limits, red people with guns, pitfalls, red people without guns, and KEANU (sometimes). There's a high-score system, and it would be a shame if someone else were to play and beat your score. Better play KEANUWARE over and over again to make sure this never happens to you!

Thank you for reading this, and I'll have the Mac and Linux builds up as quickly as possible. The current version of Unity I am using is strangely restricting me to just Windows builds. Anyone who has a solution to this, please let me know, and have a good day!

- Chris R. "Codybean1"

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