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AC2 video dev diaries published on YouTube, parts 1-6.

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Dev Diary #1: Ezio, a new assassin
The meaning and origin of his name
What and who is he?
Why he became an assassin

Dev Diary #2: Power to the people!
Other friends
A new economic system

Dev Diary #3: All roads lead to...
Mission types
Secret locations
More cinematics
Branching cutscenes

Dev Diary #4: All's fair in love and war
Types of opponents
Brutality/violence of AC2 (the core of the combat)
An option of escape (a smoke bomb)
Disarming ability
New weapons

Dev Diary #5: Clothes make the man
Progression of Ezio
A character living for approx. 30 years (1476-1503)
Italian Renaissance
Political intrigue and drama
Ezio learning

Dev Diary #6: Home sweet home
Animus as a huge database
Historical info
Villa's importance

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