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An overview of the new Lockpicking and Bliss Statue mechanics in 0.6.0.

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So two new things this week. The first is lockpicking. Lockpicking is done through right-clicking chests with "Lockpicks" (found in wooden chests). There is a random chance of opening the chest depending on the new "lockpicking" passive skill. Lockpicks are one time use only too.

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Secondly, bliss statues. Bliss statues are a way of regaining sanity in dungeons. They will glow orange when you're in range of them and will slowly increase your sanity (75% faster than the overworld will).

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Along with these changes dungeon mobs are also now aggressive and will attack you.

Finally, misc changes include:
- Fixed raiders: They will now properly spawn, they will be aggressive and they will drop raider armour.
- Your last IP and Port for multiplayer will now be saved. I'm considering also saving your last Username/Password (with a checkbox of course).
- Lots of fixes, all of which can be found in this changelog:

Please remember to report any bugs here: as we're getting closer and closer to finishing the content for 0.6.0 and we will be spending around a week or two polishing it up before release.

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