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Here are some of the more detailed features of the game - including the divisions and subdivsions

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Detailed Features :

The simplest way of putting it would be...everything is changed to be more realistic!!

- All weapon stats have been adjusted to better match their real life counterparts

- New command tree and squad abilites - squad abilties include several new thrown weapons, and call ins for air strikes/arty

- Fully revamped AI GREATLY improved over vanilla AI - very challenging!

- Full sized squads and Orders of Battle to match real life counterparts during the time frame

- Real life divisions, regiments, etc... that played a major role in
the European Theater from D-Day to the late fall in 1944 - each unit is
broken down to the regiment which is included in the description

- Vehicle and Infantry skins to match their real life counterparts (85% complete)

- Unique higher upkeep system replacing pop-caps - each unit draws more
on certain resources, lowering income based on the needs of the unit

- Completely different way of units becoming available based on a main
doctrine and 3 "subdoctrines" to choose from (see below for

- Command trees are completely redone and based on not only doctrine, but sub-doctrine chosen

Like I said - everything is different and more realistic. If you're
familiar with the mod, it's everything it always was and more!

Sub-Doctrine System Description and Lists

As soon as you start the game YOU MUST choose a doctrine to start
building (starting units cannot capture). After you choose a doctrine,
your builders will be able to build a basic "barracks" and "light
motorpool" for that division. In the case of the British, you will
unlock a specific infantry unit based on the doctrine from HQ, as well
as an Infantry Truck based on the doctrine. Choosing a doctrine will
also unlock one column of the Command Tree. After choosing a doctrine,
3 "sub-doctrines" will become available from your HQ. Choosing one of
the three sub-doctrines will unlock one more building (or in the case
of the British, the Armour truck) based on the sub-doctrine. It will
also unlock the corresponding Command Tree column for that
sub-doctrine. Each sub-doctrine is unique and has it's own strengths
and weaknesses. Details of the doctrine and subdoctrines (as well as
some history) is also included at the doctrine selection screen. There
are also details of the sub-doctrine at their selection section. Once
you choose a sub-doctrine, that's it - there's no going back! The
sub-doctrines were chosen as either a specific part of the chosen
division (doctrine), or an additional division(s) that worked with the
main division in the summer/fall of 1944.

Here is a list of the different doctrine/sub-doctrine combos, and a
little history as to how they were related (there is also a list of
divisions/regiments included in the mod folder) :


US 29th Infantry Division "Blue and Grey" (also has some armor units
from the 747th Tank Battalion and 821st Tank Destroyer Battalion, both
attached to 29th ID, spread through sub-docs)

~~ 1st Infantry Division "The Big Red 1" : landed on Omaha Beach with
the 29th ID, and continued to fight alongside them into St.Lo and

~~ 2nd Ranger Battalion : landed on Omaha Beach with the 29th.

~~ 30th Infantry "Old Hickory"/113th Calvary Group "Red Horse" : these
two frequently found themselves fighting together and often working
with the 29th ID, especially in and around St. Lo

US 101st Airborne Division "Screaming Eagles"

~~ 82nd Airborne Division "All American" : landed behind enemy lines
with the 101st just prior to D-Day, and frequently "dropped" together
with them as part of the 1st Allied AB Army (899 Tank Destroyers also
included as they were at times attached to the 82nd)

~~ 327th Glider regiment - glider regiment of the 101st (also includes
units from the 70th Light Tank Battalion who were attached to the

~~ UK 6th Airborne Division "The Red Devils" - also landed just prior to D-Day

US 2nd Armored Division "Hell on Wheels"

~~ 82nd Reconnaissance Battalion - they were described as the "Eyes and Ears" of the 2nd AD.

~~ 702 Tank Destroyers - the anti-tank wing of the 2nd AD

~~ 2nd Free French Armoured Division (2e Division Blindée) - at times fought alongside 2nd AD when it got up to strength

British Commonwealth

XXX Corps (many of the divisions included spent time in the XXX Corps,
and all fought at least alongside - the 50th (Northumbrian) ID is the
starting infantry division with some light motorized help from the 7th

~~ 7th Armoured Division "Desert Rats" - the main and consistent armor component of the XXX corps

~~ VIII Corps - often worked with and helped XXX Corps. It's main armor
component was the 11th AD "The Black Bull". Also included the 15th
Scottish Infantry Division, the Guards Armoured Division, and the
independent 6th Guards Tank Brigade.

~~ 51st (Highland) Infantry Division - part of XXX corps. Also includes the attached 33rd Armoured Brigade.

6th Airborne Division "Red Devils" (gliders from the 6th Air Landing Brigade are included in main tree column)

~~ 6th Airborne Armoured Reconnaissance Regiment/1st Canadian Parachute Battalion - both fought as part of the 6th ABD

~~ 1st Airborne Division/1st Independent Parachute Brigade (Polish) - part of the 1st Allied AB Army with 6th ABD

~~ 4th Special Service Brigade - landed on d-day (also includes 4th Free French SAS)

3rd Canadian Infantry Division "The water rats"

~~ 2nd Armored Brigade - supported the 3rd ID on D-Day and part of II Canadian Corps with the 3rd ID

~~ 1st Polish Armoured Division/79th Armoured Division - the 1st polish
AD was also part of II Canadian Corps, and the 79th assisted the
Candians, including D-Day (also includes the Divisional Royal Canadian
Engineers - 6th Field Coy regiment of the 3rd ID)

~~ 2nd Canadian ID and 4th Canadian Armor Division - also fought as part of II Canadian Corps, and often alongside the 3rd ID


709.Infanterie Division

~~ 795.Osttruppen Battalion - Georgian volunteers, they fought as part
of the 709.ID at Utah Beach and fought with them in the Cotentin

~~ 352.Infanterie Division - also fought along the beaches in Normandy at Utah beach and the following battles

~~ 243.Infanterie Division - also fought in Normandy in the Cotentin Peninsula and near Cherbourg

2.Panzer Division

~~ 38.Panzerjäger Battalion - the anti-tank battalion of the 2.PzD.
Also includes units from Panzerjäger Abteilung 559 who were attached
inside XLVII Panzer Corps with the 2.PzD in the fall of 1944

~~ 2.Aufklärungs-Abteilung - the recon battalion of the 2.PzD and was
known, like the 82nd Recon of the 2nd AD, as the "eyes and ears" of the
division. Also includes units of the 26.Volksgrenadier Division who
fought as part of XLVII Panzer Corps with the 2.PzD in the fall of 1944

~~ 9.Panzer Division - the "sister" division of 2.PzD, and fought as
part of XLVII Panzer Corps with the 2.PzD in the fall of 1944

12.SS Panzer Division

~~ Schwere SS-Panzer Abteilung 501/Schwere Panzerjäger Abteilung 560 -
fought as part of I SS Panzer Corps with the Schwere Panzerjäger
Abteilung 560 attached to the 12.SS PzD (also includes further 12.SS

~~ 3. Fallschirmjägerdivision/12th Volksgrenadier Division - both were also attached to I SS Panzer Corps in the fall of 1944

~~ 2.SS Panzer Division - though part of II SS Panzer Corps, fought alongside the 12.SS near Caen and St Lo

Panzer Elite

21.Panzer Division

~~ KGr Oppeln - the armor side of the division (with mobile arty)

~~ KGr Oppeln - the more mobile, recon side of the division. Also includes 200.Panzerjäger-Abteilung for anti-armor support

~~ 15.Panzer Grenadier Division - fought as part of XXXXVII Panzerkorps with 21st PzD

91.Luftlande Infanterie-Division

~~ 16.Luftwaffe Feld Division - fought with 91.LID on the Cotentin Peninsula

~~ 6.Fallschirmjäger-Regiment - was attached to 91.LID on the Cotentin Peninsula

~~ 77.Infanterie-Division - together in cotenin peninsula as part of II Fallschirmjägerkorps with 91. LID

17.SS Panzer-Grenadier Division

~~ 1.SS Panzer Division - fought as part of I SS Panzer Corps with
17.SS PzGren (some units are also included as part of one of 17.SS
PzGren buildings). Also includes Schwere Panzerjäger Abteilung 560
(attached to I SS Panzer Corps) and Schwere SS-Panzer Abteilung 501
(who were specifically attached to 1.SS)

~~ Panzer Lehr Division - fought at times during summer and fall of 1944 as part of I SS Panzer Corps

~~ 9.SS Panzer Division - part of the divisions who assisted in Falaise
Pocket to help the 17.SS PzGren Div. and other trapped divisions



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I love games with historical accuracy in them and have been looking for a good mod to improve the low accuracy of COH. I am also a 9.SS Hohenstaufen reenactor so I know how the uniforms and whatnot should look like. I looked at all the screen shots and the mod looked great, but once I saw the last entry on the list of doctrines I didn't even have to think about downloading this. :)

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Man, I want to see the 5th SS PzD.

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Does the whermact have fallschirmjagers and if they do, do they have fg 42's. Please tell me because this will be the deciding factor of whether I get this mod or not because if I do I have to delete blitzkrieg and both to make room ANd I only have vanilla COH.

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