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An update of all bots for all maps is being prepared.

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Dear friends, we have started working on updating all the bots that are loaded on official and unofficial maps. At the time of this writing, 6 general bots have already been completed. All 14 bot generals need to be made. This event has never happened in the entire history of this mod.

Bots of a new sample are being created, which can be attached to your any created maps, in just a couple of clicks! For new bots, you will not need to draw waypoints for attack directions, you will not need to mark the perimeters of the bot base, everything will work automatically.

The bot itself will be able to build and find opponents. It is worth noting that the elaboration will be using priority attacks, the bot will be able to attack both deep into your base and on the approaches. We know how to fix the bot BOSS and Militia. We can get them to start building a base and troops.

The main feature will be that bots will be able to use the latest technology that has been added to this mod for the first time! The most relevant news on the development of bots can be found in this thread on the forum. We are writing there a step-by-step work, and also some lines go for developers as a practical guide and help.

Tank bot 7x1

It is worth noting that the bot is run without a base, Zero Hour. Development is carried out from scratch. Bots will not contain erroneous scripts, they will have only those scripts that can be successfully executed without creating unnecessary errors and problems for lags.

When all the bots are finished, we will update the official maps and unofficial maps.


i really wish to see an improvement of the ai in this game. be aware that shokwave mod with some addons managed to make all the maps work without any lag in 8 players at brutal level. at most there were some little slowdowns but only that. the exception was the map twilight flame which is usually laggy.

if you can repair the broken ai and improve it to work without lag, this will make your mod hugely better

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generalszhprojectrap Author

this is a very big work, all the mods that are now on the net, they inherit the old internal stuffing of the code. of. Zero Hour. we are doing completely from scratch and the bots will be unique in their own way, in the sense that you don't need special knowledge to add them to your any maps. Later we will make instructions on how to add bots to any maps in 3 clicks.

Bots that will be updated, at first they will be made in a softer phase of resistance, then it is planned to create their strengthening, but for specific cards. We have learned how to build bots at any desired points. The first update of the bots will be without the use of super weapons, perhaps we will partially add it to some bots. Now the main task is to prevent our new AI from giving commands that cannot be executed. We tested it very much, when the bot has scripts that cannot be executed, they create freezes and lags, regardless of the number of troops.

We also managed to figure out the technology of anti-aircraft defense of tanks, their use will now reduce the load by 2-3 times compared to what was installed in Zero Hour. The topic is too big, you can talk for a long time.

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i believe that pc specs can influence during the game, i play shockwave, it's a heavy mod for my pc
for now against 009 and project raptor are better and I can play well
my pc is a first generation i3 so this video has lags, my pc has many things installed

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generalszhprojectrap Author

Considering that you played on the map for the 8th and at the same time recorded the video, it is also a good result. The fact that you have a weak computer can be understood by the resolution of the shot video, which is done in the resolution of 720. It is not scary, the main game mehannik in new bots is now processed in such a way that the troops will create less lags than they did before in Zero Hour.

I could write detail about it in detail, but it will take it too much. Now thanks to the many rolls of battles. We have a good opportunity to compare. For example, earlier, official developers set priorities for aviation attacks, but it is this priority that creates an increased load on the engine when a lot of aircraft is used in the game and there are many air defense of tanks, when hitting aircraft, a rejection and choice of goals occurs.

The bots in this case were loaded the game engine more than 300%. Because of this, the FPS decreased more than usual. This is too big the topic of which you can write a lot, but now there is a task, to reanimate our bots as quickly as possible.

After it can be engaged in detailed elaboration and enhanced. To be better understood, there may be 10 tanks on the map in the game, but if they are not correctly laid down the scripts. They can create an increased load and reduce FPS in 200-300% depending on which errors are allowed. And not a little important factor, such a comprehensive study requires very large costs.

For this reason, all mods that are made from Zero Hour have the same problem, the developers are not able to maintain constantly changes in fashion regarding troops and a change in globally all symbol scripts, so the majority of mods have problems with bots and all troops are not used.

It is also necessary to understand that new bots can earn on all cards you need to reboot the scripts that are located in each individual map. And ordinary players used to download maps from anywhere and want new bots on them. This is a common mistake of many generals.

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