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The demo version 2 is finally released! Now you can see what it's like.

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What's new?
Updated weapons, more new maps, more intense battles. And it's easier than the first demo!
This time I want to talk about the maps. Maybe you got stuck somewhere, or you're just interested in making maps.

Most of the maps in this mod are large maps with open areas. They're more difficult to deal with than I expected.
One problem is high WPOLY value in some areas. I tried to put hint/skip blocks in the maps, to lower WPOLY and make them run smoother. It will be a good idea to put special hint/skip blocks in maps to reduce VIS compile time. It did work, but it's tricky, time-consuming, and needs trial and error. And the results are not very satisfying sometimes. Some areas still have high WPOLY no matter what you do, unless you reduce details, which is not what I want to do.

1230 1

Look at this sample. There are many hint/skip blocks in the map. Long VIS compile time just make it even worse.

One interesting feather of these maps is non-linear gameplay. Exploring freely is something I try to implement for a long time, and large maps give you more realistic feelings. It's little hard to handle than linear maps. The map maker need to think about how to place buildings, enemies and items, how to make triggers work properly, etc.

pdn downtown4 demo0002

Like the situation in this two-floored pedestrian mall map. It's not a good idea to take out the stronghold directly, for there is a machine gun and a sniper guarding it.

pdn downtown4 demoX

You can try to go through the KTV on the west or attack from the east part of the pedestrian mall. Both way are much easier to fight. There are many branches on the way, you'd better choose an easier one to go.

That's all I want to share today. Hope you enjoy the game.
And... Happy New Year.

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