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This scenario takes places shortly after the beginning of The Great War in 4E 175, when forces of The Aldmeri Dominion has already archieved first victories

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It has been 171 years since Martin Septim sacrificed himself to stop the Oblivion crisis, and in this time the problems of Tamriel have not abated. Only a few years later, the Red year devastated Morrowind and the Argonians succeeded from the Empire mounting a vicious campaign of aggressive expansionism into weakened Morrowind, all of southern Morrowind fell and the Argonian advance was only halted by the warriors of House Redoran. In the 49th year of the Fourth Era out of Black Marsh came the floating city of Umbriel spreading undeath and plague wherever it went.
Orsinium was sacked and the orcs have fled south East to the Mountains between Skyrim and Hammerfell to set up their New Orsinium. Daggerfall and Wayrest the two chief Kingdoms of High Rock remain prosperous secluded from the troubles of Tamriel, for now.
In Hammerfell the Crowns and Forebears continue to wage war on one another for the right to rule all Redguards.
The Dunmer begin to pick up the pieces of their broken Kingdom in Morrowind with House Redoran taking the reigns of power as the saviors of the Dunmer people.
Perhaps most worryingly a political party in the Summerset Isles known as the Thalmor managed to take control of the Isles and rename them Alinor, their influence soon spread as they backed a coup in the government of Valenwood which led to Valenwoods succession from the ever weakening Empire and joining the newly founded Aldmeri Dominion. Elsweyr succeeded from the Empire and serves as a vassal state to the Aldmeri Dominion.
The new Emperor of Tamriel, Titus Mede II, only ascended to the throne 3 years ago in 168, but now faces a challenge like no other. The day is the 30th of Frostfall and an unannounced ambassador of the Aldmeri dominion has arrived in the Imperial City, he makes a list of demands to the new Emperor among the demands are hefty tributes, the outlawing of Talos worship, the disbandment of the Blades and ceding large areas of Southern Hammerfell to the Dominion, the Emperor refused at which point the Ambassador uncovered a cart he had brought to reveal hundreds of severed heads, the heads of ALL Blades agents in Summerset Isles and Valenwood. Thus the Great War Begins.
The Thalmor general Lord Naarifin emerges in the South of Cyrodiil from hidden camps in the borders of Elsweyr, and quickly takes a control of Leyawiin. Simultaneously an army led by the Thalmor Lady Arannelya marched through Cyrodiil from Valenwood bypassing Anvil and Kvatch and moving to Hammerfell and other Thalmor forces quickly began to land on the Southern coast of Hammerfell...
The War has begun, the fate of the Empire and perhaps all Tamriel hangs in the balance, now is the time of TOTAL WAR!


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