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This scenario takes place during so called Oblivion Crisis, in 3E 433. This is the only scenario that lets players control Hordes of Oblivion.

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The Oblivion Crisis, also known as the Great Anguish, was a total war between the Daedra and the population of Tamriel. Uriel Septim VII and all of his known heirs were assassinated. Shortly afterward, Oblivion Gates to the Deadlands opened across Tamriel and Daedra poured out as the result of a fanatical cult of worshippers of Mehrunes Dagon known as the Mythic Dawn. Widespread devastation and casualties resulted across entire provinces. The Daedra besieged Skyrim, and laid waste to the Old Holds. In Black Marsh, the Hist called back many Argonians to fight off the Daedra. The Daedric commanders closed many gates to stop the united Argonians from entering. In Cyrodiil, the city of Kvatch was entirely destroyed. The Empire earned the hatred of the Dunmer by pulling Imperial forces out of Morrowind during the crisis in order to better protect Cyrodiil. The Empire is near collapse, but Uriel VII's illegitimate son, Martin Septim, has risen up with the help of a mysterious hero...


As well as the main campaign, this scenario includes events and characters from TES II, III and IV.

Note: The Event itself (Oblivion Crisis) is part of the main campaign itself. The Scenario was created to give players a chance to play as Hordes of Oblivion.

Have you found a bug or you have ideas to improve the scenario? Or you just want to share your experience from playing the scenario? Post in the comments!

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