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This is a guide to some of the games current features and what you can hope for in the future so stay tuned...

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Welcome to Dark Sea. Here you going to find the key features of the game :D

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Currently featured...

-survival and rpg aspects(Hunger,Thirst,Base building, crafting , skills, quests)

-procedural generated islands and dungeons

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- worlds under the sea for you to explore



- quests and dialogues as well as trade

(I really try to make them not blank "get me this" quests) There will be alot of trade ingame so you are able to play trader and go from town to town to sell&buy goods. Things like blackboards for missions or helping out as an assistant(blacksmith/baker) will be featured to give the world more life and openness




- a player ship with customization in looks/stats and furniture

ship 1

- npcs react to your crimes similar to the elder scrolls games


- crafting:

be a smith a baker a cook or a farmer and sell your products to the local towns. You can furnish your own ship or your own piece of land



- pirates, predators, animals (most of them are to strong in the beginning so run)

- The more dangerous predators are spawning at night so if you want to stay on an island over night, be prepared


- action based combat

(4 combat directions similar to mount and blade if i might say so though in its early stages)



Future plans

- main story

- ship management and fleets

- naval combat

- Khoruna the main npc town on sea in progress

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There are smaller settlements like Coconut Bay in the south and Archolos a vineyard in the north.

I hope I got your attention so stay tuned and read the wiki to learn more about this game


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