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A description of currently implemented features with the first alpha release, as well as planned features for the second.

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Current features (Alpha v1.0):

Light overhaul of USA.

- Adds new unit, Medic, combat-capable infantry that heals nearby troops, a cheaper alternative to ambulance and a smaller target.

- Re-skin of Ranger, Missile Defender (plus the new Medic) to visually make them more similar to real US soldiers.

- Paradrop ability overhauled. Now drops Rangers, Missile Defender & Medics, numbers depending on ability level.

Showcase of USA infantry reskin, including Medic

(Showcase of USA reskins, and new Medic)

Features planned for Alpha v2.0:

- One new unit each for GLA and China

- Reskins for GLA infantry

- Changes for the Laser General (Laser armed ranger/medic, Comanche, better Avenger)

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