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Here is the current upto date feature list, I will be updating this post when new changes have been made.

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  • New smithing system (forging and pounded metal) – Including new metal types and fuel types.
  • New mercenary system, Old mercenary troop type replaced with rebels troop type.
  • Arresting system – Cuffing and surrendering now possible.
  • Sitting! - Chairs, Pillows, Thrones.
  • New troop type system which includes female variants – Works the same way as the old system but now recognises you are female and will give you the according class type (So no more manly clothed females). Examples include: Ladys(Lord), Nuns(Monk).
  • Of course new troop types. (Ministrels, Alchemists, New Lord Varients)
  • New textures made from several OSP packs combined.
  • New faces/hair for both genders, Jewellery for female characters.
  • A new law type faction(Call them Town Watch for now): Cannot be capped unless by an admin (RP Reasons) and of course cannot capture castles. This faction permanently replaces the 3rd faction (Of course this is optional to the map maker).
  • To combat this law faction and to give more organisation to the outlaws, They can now vote for one outlaw to become the Warlord. The Warlord is the only member of outlaws that can talk/announce within outlaw chat to give one focused agenda to the outlaws.
  • Names above the players heads are now coloured white. They can now include your title and hide what faction you are, this all depends on what troop type you are for
    example: a serf would not have his faction name above his head but only instead it will just have 'Serf'(Of course you will be able to tell which faction they are by their heraldic items). For more military roles it will of course show your faction name. The reason behind these changes are simple, people KOS (kill on sight) depending on your colour, even if you are just a simple serf who couldn’t even put a dent in a tin can.
  • Military troop types within a faction now receive a automatic wage.
  • Added in cabbage/carrot farms
  • Stick trees can now drop apples.
  • Added recipe’s for food types that were not added in by Pwmod. e.g Apple Pies.
  • New poison type called Toxin
  • Poison and Fire Arrows
  • Pitch buckets that you can throw and then shoot with fire arrows to make a fiery defence in a siege.
  • New skills for new troop types: Alchemy, Music, Trade.
  • Trade works like this: Level 1 in trade = 10% cheaper prices for importing, 10% profits for exporting. So for every level in trade = 10%. This skill is specifically for merchants and doges.
  • Playable instruments with the music skill!
  • Alchemy system to produce a wide range of different types of potions. Poison, Remedys, Health, Food, Fire Bombs, Smoke Bombs. Each with a different recipee using a new system of crafting, failure to produce a potion will destroy your ingredients so patience and knowledge is the key to the true alchemist.
  • Oh and now you can poison food! oh great.
  • Own your own store and sell items from a market place. Beware leaving your store unattended as the items inside can be stolen with a lockpick!
  • The old weapon crafting system is gone and replaced with a brand new system in which you can produce any weapon from any castle(Of course only with the correct recipee ingredients).
  • Expanded on the herd system to include chances to produce alpha type creatures including: Alpha Boar, Stag, Warhorse!
  • The old system of producing horses is gone and replaced with the breeding of horses and with time and patience you can even get the chance to produce a thorough bread
    warhorse varient.
  • New horses to replace the old with new stats, Including a mule to replace the cart horse.
  • Horse whistling to whistle your horse to you.
  • New Lord types: Bishops, Doge, Captain, Lady(If your female training to be a Lord you will instead
    be put this).
  • The map no longer finishes when a faction takes all the castles, instead the factions lord can now crown himself king, to which he will send a lovely message to everyone on the server to show his dominance. This also comes with the new troop type King.(Bishops become ArcheBishops, Doges become Patrician, Lady becomes Queen).
  • Subjugate Factions, When a faction is on its last castle and enemy factions lord can now subjugate the faction (Takes double the time of capping a castle and only a lord can do it), Which forces all members of the original faction to be conscripted into their new owners.
  • To improve leadership a lord can now assign himself a marshal and a steward(One each per faction). These all come with their bonuses. Marshal: He has the rights to announce, door keys, and is highest stats wise. He is your main man you want by your side when leading a charge into a enemies castle. He is incharge of security of you you and your castle when there is no wars going on. You would want to put your best experienced warrior/leader in this position. Steward: He comes with keys to the money chest, door keys. He has skills that suit him to labouring and trading. He is incharge of keeping everything repaired and your
    money from your chest not instantly stolen. You want someone who can deal with the workload of keeping your castle in working order.
  • Lords are now white-listed by a database. To keep persistent factions.

this looks great keep up the good work i cant wait to play this!

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Sounds good to me

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I am going to start playing this! The old multiplayer sucks! Nice work!

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