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List of Features currently in the game and also ones which I plan on adding. Please post comments if you have any ideas for additions.

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Current Features

-16 bit RPG style gameplay
-Select from 20 starting characters(more to be added)
-9 different starting classes - Pyscho Brute, Genius, Artist, Techie, Entrepreneur, Socialite, Drug Dealer, Outcast and Weirdo.
-Procedurally (randomly) generated cities, country, city districts and buildings. Each time you start a new game the world will be different.
-Different jobs including(so far) fast food, wally world, the mall, car dealership, factory, pawn shop, book store, bar & liquor store. The jobs are based on mental "battles" with hilarious customer situations and events such as disputes and complaints. You can progress in the jobs and get promotions and raises.
-Factions which you can be allies or enemies with include; the Government, CIA, Freemasons, Crips, Bloods, Hippies, Freedom Fighters and Religious Extremists. You can join these groups and go on missions from them, gain ranks and get allies and team members.
-Reputation system; in the game you have reputations with the different factions which are affected by your actions in the game. This allows for a lot of possibilities with playing off of the rivalries between groups. The game changes as your reputation levels change.
-An in game economy. The game uses a economy which will be different from game to game and which changes as you play the game. This affects housing prices, job opportunities and the stock market.
-Buy real estate. You can buy, rent and sell houses and apartments. These are randomly generated places which you can choose to live in or you can rent them out or sell for a profit.
-Negotiations and Mental battles. Not all battles in this game are physical the game has situation where you must use your characters mental abilities for situations such as job interviews, working on the job and negotiations.
- Over 100 character abilities. As your character gains experience you will unlock new abilities, both physical and mental.
-Over 100 weapons and armor choices. Everything from golf clubs to chainsaws to fully automatic machine guns.
-Character development; Your character will grow based on your actions in the game. It is very open ended so they become what you make of them. You can use books or enroll in college to boost your characters mental abilities and employment opportunities, or on the other hand you could join a gang and gain fighting abilities or even become a pimp and grow an empire of ho's!
-Criminal mode; You can flip on "criminal mode" at anytime in the game and this opens up new options for your interactions with characters in the game.
-Stock market: invest money in gold, oil , company stocks or treasury bonds. Read the news and learn about events which effect the market and profit off of the changes in the game's economic market system.
-Gain friends and allies; in the game you will meet characters who can join your group. You can then call them on the phone in the game to join anytime. (If they feel like it!)
-Drug addiction system; use substances to enhance your abilities but beware you can get addicted and then possibly suffer penalties from withdraw until you kick the habit.
-Business ownership; You can buy many of the business in the game and earn money each month off of their profits. Owning the business will also open up new in game events.

-Vehicles; buy cars and run from the cops or run people over

- Future additions

-Political offices. Run for mayor of a city or the president of the country.

-Become a cop

-Unique individual play mechanics for all jobs (currently in development)

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