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Teaser for the late game crisis: The Blackwing Infection commonly referred to as "The Sickness"

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To better make this mod unique, I have drafted plans on implementing an optional "crisis" faction that can spawn under certain parameters. One such faction, and perhaps the most unique, is "The Sickness"

On the planet Dandoran, if an Empire-affiliated research facility is constructed, an event will fire. The details are still being developed, but essentially, poor decisions can cause the facility to be compromised, and those that were tested on shall feast on their captors. The planet will become owned by The Sickness faction, and from there, the horde will spread like wild-fire.


How do zombies spread in a galaxy? Thankfully, the undead in Star Wars are established as retaining quite a lot of intelligence. So too will these. They are able to "construct" shuttle craft and throw them at nearby systems. This shuttle serves not only as a transport for ground hordes, but can also board starcraft and hijack them, adding them to their faction's forces. This can be anything up to an Imperial-class sized vessel. Probably. And naturally, they too can spawn these shuttles.

On the ground, massive hordes will pile out of their transports, even hundreds at a time. Anti-infantry units and turrets are a must, as well as flamethrower wielding units. Although the undead are slow, and rarely use their blasters, they can quickly overrun any position if you are not careful.

The undead are, in this continuity, "lead" by a reanimated force-sensitive. His identity is still being developed, likely going to be one of the undead from Star Wars Galaxies. But his connection to the force allows his to better coordinate hordes and freeze the unlucky so that his thralls may feast.

- This feature is a ways off, and will not be included in any Alpha or Beta build for the forseeable future -

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